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“Flyinqq logs every 5 seconds so you cant damage her”
Approx. Joined12/25/2015
Alt. AccountsLinkPlayzMC_YT, Twelve_Year_Old
CurrentInfinity Incursion, The Bakery
PastTeam Coca Cola, Team Malaria, The Peacekeepers, The Emperium, Team Imperia

Flyinqq is a midfag known for his involvement in the development of multiple exploits and cheat clients.


Flyinqq joined the server on December 25th 2015, joining through the r/minecraft Reddit after seeing a post of one of the Christmas trees built at Spawn. He did not attain any significance until The Rusher War, where he was a significant Spawnfag. Along with Crystalinqq, Flyinqq made a group known as Team Coca Cola on January 3rd 2017. Flyinqq was one of the two people with access to a very limited exploit where if another player messaged Flyinqq while entering a nether portal, Flyinqq would gain coordinates to the exit portal that they come out to, this was patched shortly before AntVenom made his first 2b2t video. He was also one of the few people with access to a Nether Roof Exploit in 2017. Flyinqq based at Shelter 404 with the other members of Team Coca Cola, including Crystalinqq, Niftyrobo, CainesLaw, Colette3211, xvideosman, BarrenDome, TheCookCola, DemonCrown, HappinessBot, XZRC, and MiningMinecraft. He founded Team Malaria, and joined Emperium, Team Imperia, Infinity Incursion, participated in the Bakery's chunkban exploit, and temporarily brought back Peacekeepeers with some of the other older members in 2019. When 086 began development on the Root Client, Flyinqq helped him extensively in tuning the client's auto-crystal.