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"Fluffbuck3t's Everything Box™"
JoinedFebruary 26, 2017
BasesSniper's Peaceful Island, Highland bases

Fluffbuck3t joined in 2017 and is notable for being a leader in Highland as well as a member of the Guardsmen.


Fluffbuck3t joined 2b2t on February 26, 2017. According to him, he was working the overnight shift at a convenience store while smoking weed and joined on his laptop. He walked down the ++ diagonal highway in the Nether, went through almost every portal he found, and built up a decent inventory of basic gear and supplies, only for him to die multiple times (then AFK walk back and get his items). At first, he played vanilla, but later switched to Impact after seeing it on YouTube. Within his first couple days on the server, after he grinded for gear, he went a random direction in the Overworld and made his way about 30k thousand blocks from spawn before he found a skeleton spawner under a lake in beta chunks. He made a temporary home, while he grinded for XP and bone meal. While setting up the farm, he was killed by a skeleton and lost all of the gear he had amassed so far.

After that, Fluff walked the +X Highway for quite a long ways, until eventually making his way to about 800k blocks from spawn. This was at the beginning of March, so the highway was populated as people continued to join Byrnsy's +X dig. He found a spot with a skeleton spawner close to the surface in a plains biome about 800k out on the highway but made his first base only 300 blocks off the axis. He built structures, grew a forest in the plains biome and continued adding on an underground tree farm, a pig farm, sheep farm and cow farm. After he grinded out a large stock of food, he moved on to enchanting his gear but ended up having bad luck. At this time, the server tps was around two, due to Armorsmith and househousehouse1's lag machines, so his skeleton farm wound up being very slow. He went to a nearby nether fortress to got blaze rods and powder, and eventually placed down an ender chest.

One day in March 2017, during some lag, he was talking in chat, and a player named Norx offered him a shulker box. He deliberated a few minutes, and then /killed after breaking his bed and going to spawn. He met up with him, and Norx gave Fluff his first gear on 2b2t. It doubled the size of Fluff's echest, and it caused Fluff to get the idea to spend days at spawn harvesting echests and other useful blocks, occasionally being given a few stray items from other players. On one such occasion, a player in stacked armor gave Fluff his entire inventory before running away, which allowed him to become very wealthy. Fluff still did not have totems at this point, and decided to not wear armor to avoid taking any risks. He boost-ran back to his base using Impact and found a horse along the way.

He spent some more time at his base and spawn, but eventually was invited to a player named Ratch_'s base, where up to 8 players would base at one point. Fluff based with Ratch_ until sometime in April, when a base member leaked the password to their Minecraft account and the base ended up being destroyed. As this divided the base members, Fluff went homeless for a portion of his time on 2b2t, until he went out on the +Z highway and built a base in beta chunks under one of the only penta-spawners on 2b2t. By this time, he had obtained pig spawners, a box of beacons, glowstone, quartz, and arrows that he had stolen from an item shop dropoff point. He placed a pig spawner at the base and centered the entire base around the now 6 spawners that were operating. It lasted a little under a month until it was eventually raided and griefed.

At this point in May 2017, Fluff decided to abandon the base, until a player named ReapingGnome came to Fluff and invited him to a base. Him and The_Grand_Lotus, who would later base at Sniper's Peaceful Island with Fluff, interviewed him for the Highland. He joined and went to the spawn base ReapingGnome, and did some building and grinding. He quickly became liked by both Gnome and Lotus. At the time, Gnome was Lotus' right-hand man, and Fluff quickly joined them as a Highland leader. After 'helping them steal an entire dupe stash Seal Team 6 style (In a very short amount of time) they became much richer. He filled both of his accounts' echests and prepared for more highland adventures. Sometime later, the three of them talked of having a base all their own, so they went out far and began building a bit and terraforming, which took them a week or two.

After around June 2017, Fluff left for a time and was unable to play on the temp map. During the temp map, Highland learned a lot and gained a lot of valuable people in its ranks. But, the group had never expected the stacking dupe. Highland went from being one of the poorest groups on the server to the wealthiest overnight. So many members duped simultaneously for every hour the dupe went unpatched. They learnt of the first phase from the kinorana video like many people did, but learned about the second and third phases of the crafting dupe early, before almost anyone else. During this time, Fluff returned, and stacked potions, lava buckets, tools, and many other items.

Fluff continued to be a high-ranking Highland member after this and was eventually invited to Sniper's Peaceful Island, where he based with Sniper231996. As a Highland leader, he also led the group during its time in the United Group Embassy and also became a member of The Guardsmen, another 2b2t group. Fluff is also notable for beginning the - + Diagonal Nether Highway, which he expanded from being nonexistent to 10,000 blocks from spawn.