Five Isles

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Five Isles
InhabitantsDarkXL6, _gigo, Joey_Coconut, Krobar01, smcz19, terbin, Wailn
StartedJuly 22, 2020
GriefedDecember 16, 2022
GriefersSelf-grief (Joey_Coconut and Krobar01)
World download
LinkNot Available

Five Isles was a large base started by Krobar01 that was composed of five mushroom islands of varying themes and the ocean between the islands. It was founded in 2020, constructed from mid 2021 to late 2022, and was self-griefed in 2022.



Five Isles was founded on July 22, 2020 by Krobar01 following the losses of Mu and Poseidon, and the compromisation of Endcursion earlier that year. He moved several accounts there and started preparing to build what he'd then intended to be a solo base at Five isles when he was invited to the base that became Whitehaven in early August 2020. Five Isles lay dormant until Whitehaven was compromised in May 2021. Krobar01 invited DarkXL6, _gigo, Joey_Coconut, terbin, and Wailn to Five Isles shortly thereafter.


Five Isles was centered on the stash, which was in the Nether. Tunnels stemmed from the stash to portals on each of the five main islands. Each island was occupied by one player and had their own respective theme. Who was at which island shuffled several times at first. The members settled on

  • Krobar01 on the Central island, which he called Phenomena
  • Joey_Coconut on the Northwest island, which he called Amanitia
  • DarkXL6 on the Northeast island, which he called X-Isle
  • _gigo on the Southwest island, which he called Celestis
  • Initially terbin and Wailn on the Southeast island, although he later gave the island to smcz19 when he joined the base. smcz19 called it Atlantic Isle.

The members built there throughout 2021 and 2022, although most were intermittently active besides Krobar01 and Joey_Coconut. After the Southwest island sat dormant for a year, it was given to smcz19, who was invited to the base alongside LordGalvatronMC in mid 2022.


Krobar01 started design on Phenomena in June 2021, and began building it on the server in September 2021. He started by building the black hole and the landscape tendrils around it. He started to build trees on the landscape afterward, but one was struct by lightning early on and burned down. He built a large and detailed Sky roof to cover his island. He continued adding trees, and also began building many dueling airships around his island, complete with explosions and trails. He hand-dug the large pit in the middle of his island, and gradually filled it with houses and greenery throughout early to mid 2022. In mid-September 2022 he finished his main island. He began building ships (entitled 'The Jolly Anarchist' and 'Queen Anarchy's Revenge) in August 2022, accompanied them with coral reefs that were the spiritual successor to those he built at Poseidon. He spent most of the rest of the year populating Phenomena with various animals and villagers.


Joey_Coconut started building Amanitia in September 2021, following months of designing builds in various themes. He settled on a mushroom theme, which he carried to other bases as well (such as Menegroth, Nautilus, Poppy Town, Corner Base, and Sky Masons). He continued with many of the other mushrooms in December 2021, and also designed glass ones to put underwater, although they were too large and were constructed at Nautilus instead. He built his tower and double obelisk in January 2022, and then built his tree and a large alien ship (called the mothership) over the first few months of 2022. May and June were spent building the ring of brown mushrooms and the 9-headed Venus flytrap (called 'Medusa'), and also his underwater alien skull. Late 2022 was spent building mushrooms with gradients designed to use as many difficult building blocks (such as netherrack, sponge, etc.) as possible.


_gigo began work on Celestis in June 2021. He envisioned the island forming a giant celestial clock, and attached various gears around the island. After building the basis of the clock and starting on the plants and wildlife of the island, between then and August he stopped building. He returned a year later and built most of the rest of his island in only a week. The plants and wildlife _gigo constructed there were designed to be as alien as possible, and featured a variety ranging from flying jellyfish to terrestrial lily pads.


DarkXL6 began work on the X-Isle in July 2021 with the construction of the walls on the Southwestern portion of the island. He went inactive at the base until January 2022, when he built his Tesla Coils, followed by the thunderstorm. He slowly terraformed the island throughout 2022. He built the central spike and archaeological dig-site in March 2022, and continued design of the island throughout the year in creative mode, although he was unable to build most of his designs on 2b2t before the base's grief.

Atlantic Isle

smcz19 was the final builder added to the base, he was invited in June 2022 to build on what was previously Wailn's island, which he named 'Atlantic Isle'. He finished terraforming his island by September 2022. He built quickly although only had three months to build on his terraform before the base's grief.

Airship Battle

Krobar01 and Joey_Coconut built an airship battle between Krobar's airships and Joey's alien ships throughout mid to late 2022. Krobar01 started the process off with one of his airships shooting, which Joey_Coconut then followed with the construction of an exploding alien ship. Krobar built an exploding airship afterward, and Joey built an alien ship shooting it with a beam of electricity. The airship battle served to tie Phenomena and Amanitia together; one was also mid-way through construction between Krobar01 and DarkXL6 between Phenomena and X-Isle, although the base was griefed before its completion.


During a lull in activity at the base, Five Isles was discovered by 6wj in mid-December 2022. He stole the base’s main stash with KeyBison. After they had nearly finished moving the stash, they made contact with the base members. The base members discovered the entire stash had been stolen and became concerned about the security of the base's location. Joey_Coconut and Krobar01 self-griefed the base on December 16, 2022, exactly a year and a half after the many of the basemates had griefed their previous base together, Whitehaven.