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Fitlantis was the base of FitMC and was his first solo base since 2014. It was discovered using the coordinate exploit of late 2016 by ChromeCrusher (who did not grief it) and subsequently griefed by a large group of random people. There was also a fight that occurred during the grief between the many random people and Team Aurora members. On April 21st, 2017, the base was completely flooded and buried under a series of lavacasts. Fit has the entire construction process of Fitlantis on his youtube channel and filmed it via stream. You can download the world here if you're interested on touring it at it's prime.

2017-08-22 18.26.46.png
Mc placeholder.svg
Status Unknown
Builder(s) Fit
Coordinates X: 91,758 Y: 70 Z: -209,846