First Overworld Spawn Watercube

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The First Overworld Watercube was a Spawn project organized in December 2016, after the Rusher War. It revolved around the construction of a watercube at Spawn and was the first in a series of 'watercube' Spawn projecs.


In December 2016 the players Flip35 and StrongForce started the construction of a watercube at Overworld Spawn. Using items obtained during the Drop Dupe the group and special redstone and slimeblock flying machines, the group managed to construct a massive watercube with a 1000 block radius. The construction of water source blocks often caused lag. The group also faced opponents, with players turning water into cobblestone using lava or building obstructions to hinder the flying machines. Flip, sheergenius and Stlav would quit the server in early 2017. In April 2017 the ‘Make Spawn Dry Again’ movement, led by the players jared2013, Joeilk and ImmortalYoghurt, 1_7, drained most of the water cube using sponges.[1]