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Finstaa is a newfag who joined in 2018.

JoinedSeptember 4, 2018
BasesCloud Club, Sky Masons
PastCollector's Club, Shortbus Caliphate, JIDF, Guardsmen, Emperium, Point Zenith, Team Godmode, Resistance,Astral Brotherhood


Finstaa joined the server on September 4th, 2018 after finding out about 2b2t through Mines. Soon after he joined he befriended Quj and HaxxorElite, who gave him gear, and he later took part in the 7th Incursion. In April of 2019 he insided the Resistance, which disbanded soon after. He then joined Team Godmode and later became one of the higher-ups in its successor, Point Zenith. In May, he also joined Emperium and became a regiment leader in The Purge. After Point Zenith threatened to kick him out for joining those two groups, he insided PZ and griefed all of their bases. Finstaa would later base with members of the Melon Group and worked on some SpawnMason projects, including Cloud Club, Outer Sbase, and later, the Transmutation Circle. In September 2019, him and TwinkyLion travelled on a shared account to the -X, +Z World Border corner. He left Emperium in October as he began to find the group boring, but remained in close contact with its members. He was one of the original members of the Guardsmen, but later became disillusioned with the group and left. In September 2020, he quit the server due to becoming bored of 2b2t and has only played occasionally since then. He semi-actively plays Constantiam.