The Fifth Column (also sometimes referred to as 5C) is a group of players known for griefing multiple bases on 2b2t, and for Copenheimer, a program that finds and indexes Minecraft servers.

Fifth Column
The Fifth Column
FoundedDecember 17, 2020 (four years ago)
Membersc. 20
GriefsThe Holy Land, Menegroth, Limbosity, Poppy Town, Skylight's Haven, Lidenbrock, Helheim 2, The Rift, NSO, Bernheim, Sky Masons, Valley of Jesus, EveryoneBase, New Loo Base, GeezerTown 8, The Hive


The Fifth Column was founded by orsond, PepsiLord420, and Sakuya as an exclusive griefing group. The group also claims to perform griefs as a service to others wishing to protect their reputations. The group first targeted The Republic, and the player Jakethasnake52. Within the month of December 2020, they griefed several bases, including:

  • The Holy Land (Republic Main Base)
  • Two of Jakethasnake52's Christmas Bases
  • Jake's Frat Base
  • Jake's 16 Million Base

After this, jared2013 leaked the coordinates to Block Game Jerusalem to orsond. The group refrained from griefing the base however, when Hermeticlock, Sakuya, and PepsiLord420 dissuaded the rest of the group from griefing. The group remained inactive until three months later when some of its members (orsond and Hermeticlock) griefed Imp's Base 2, which lead to internal disagreements and Sakuya and 0x22 being kicked out of the group. Shortly thereafter, and after 5 months of Zetrax insiding Builder's Haven, the group acquired the coordinates to Bernheim and Limbosity. Several members of Block Game Mecca and Boedecken were added to the group for the griefs. In late October 2021, after drama surrounding the group the Guardsmen, orsond targeted multiple bases Joey Coconut had organized. After convincing Zetrax to leak Halicarnassus, the group promptly griefed Menegroth with help from Franknificant.[1] Following the grief of Menegroth, Joey and his basemates self griefed all other bases they had with Zetrax before the Fifth Column could arrive, including Gaza, Halicarnassus, and Astralia. In June 2022, a second series of Joey_Coconut related-bases fell.[2] In July 2022 The Fifth Column used the Boat TP exploit to grief the Spawn Masons End World Border base.[3][4]

Sky Masons controversy

The Spawn Masons were involved in a controversy where members of the Masons met with a minor in real life and hung out at her house. The Spawn Mason leaker was upset with the way the Masons handled the situation, including the incident itself and how Spawn Mason group members tried to cover for their friends with alternative versions of the truth. This lead to the disgruntled Spawn Mason member leaking the coordinates of Sky Masons to orsond. A video was released by Fifth Column member Bezopasan on October 10th 2022 which included photos of senior members at the minors house and audio recordings of Spawn Mason members defending why the behavior was acceptable.

This lead to the Fifth Column gained access to the megabase Sky Masons. After confirming the legitimacy of the location on the test server, the group griefed the base on October 6th 2022. The group was joined by Storm Surge, the leader of the griefing group Team Avolition, who joined 2b2t for his first major grief. While the base was being griefed on the main server, 0Neb griefed the base on the test server. [5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12]


During the Bernheim grief, orsond decided to steal the dupe stash located at the base. While attempting to steal it, he met a player named rfresh who was also stealing the stash with AlphaComputer. They worked together to take possession of the large stash before BabbaJ, a fellow Fifth Column member could steal and move it to Gringotts (the mega-stash holding most of the items obtained by Nerds Inc and the Spawnmasons during Nocom). In the process the two became good friends and decided to team up to create a program called Copenheimer, and started a project of the same name. The program exploited a simple bug in Minecraft's code which allowed them to search for un-whitelisted servers on any version of the game. They used an automated version of a script already in existence to grief multiple servers. The project led to players such as WarLordN1k and Bezopasan joining the group. The project quickly gained mainstream attention after Fit covered the project after the group thought they managed to grief the server of Minecraft head developer Jeb, which turned out not to be the case. They also found and griefed the Mojang Test Server that was used in several videos on the Official Minecraft YouTube Channel. Multiple members of the group had their accounts banned for close to 10 years due to their actions of griefing Mojang servers as well as many streamer SMP servers. After the Fifth Column was featured in multiple mainstream YouTube channels, other server scanning programs began being used to find servers to grief in similar fashion to the one designed by The Fifth Column.