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Fenrir was a base built by the Nova base players when 2b2t came back online. The project took months to complete, but when it was finished, it was an eye-catching base (no joke). During the time Fenrir was built/being built, 2b2t was a place that "was a Peaceful time and no major events." according to ArchQuantum's Imgur Post. Other Then that, not much is know about Fenrir. From a few posts by Sato86 on Facepunch, it seems like the base was planned to be abandoned just months after it was built.

Mc placeholder.svg
Status Griefed (Most Likey)
Builder(s) Nova Base Players
Other denizens Nova Base Players
Dimension Overworld


  • Fenrir had a gold farm used for afk exp farming.
  • A glass dome in the water that surrounded a small build.
  • Subway systems that could transport you around the base
  • A "Fenrir Inn"
  • A temple with the Valkyrian eagle inside (altough the eagle is made of wood)
  • A lighthouse
  • A castle connected to the other side of the base
  • An Eiffel tower build made of brown wool created by coconut4, which was destroyed when lightning ignited it
  • A "Replica of Spawn Beacon" that has multiple signs, one reading "Over 900 newfags died during the Spawn Ocupation"
  • And much more...

The base appears to be built mostly with dark oak wood and stone brick

2017-08-22 19.03.21.png


2017-08-22 19.01.23.png
2017-08-22 19.00.35.png
2017-08-22 18.55.24.png