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Fate Banner
FoundedOctober 2020
DisbandmentDecember 2020
BasesAcropolis, Lateott, Hyperfate

Fate was a building group founded after the end of Crimson Star.


Fate was a building group founded by iAmZeiss following the end of Crimson Star. The first base, Acropolis, had originally been a Crimson base that Fate (composed of largely the same members) continued the construction of. Most of the base was built by Zeiss and I_tri.

After many of the members did not want to make the trip out to Acropolis, Lateott was founded as a spawnbase for new members, and it drew many to the location in its short lifespan. The coordinates were leaked shortly thereafter when iiGryxz was tokenlogged by a client called 'etikahack'. The group subsequently self-griefed the base.

The third base of the group, Hyperfate, was also originally a Crimson base, which was founded by Zeiss in September. It had largely been neglected by the group because it was deemed too far from spawn to be easily accessible, but too close to achieve the security of a millionbase. The group moved there after the grief of Lateott, and remained there until it was griefed by Team Catgirl on 7 December, 2020. Following the grief of Hyperfate, the group largely went inactive, with the members migrating to other groups, such as DonFuer and Shortbus Caliphate.

Lateott on 21 August, 2020