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"Stay fast."
JoinedLate 2016
Alternative AccountsReallyDamnFast
CurrentEndermqn Jimyy

fastvincent1, also known as ReallyDamnFast, is a player who joined in late 2016 via TheCampingRusher. He is currently a YouTuber who covers 2b2t history with over 50,000 subscribers.

Sources of Media
YouTube fastvincent1

On 2b2t

fastvincent1 joined after seeing TheCampingRusher's post about 2b2t on YouTube. He played on his alt ReallyDamnFast and got 10,000 out, but was killed by mobs. He quit for a few months and returned in mid-2017. He got a kit and created a base called "Hamlet" with his friends Endermqn and Jimyy. The base is still lasting to this day. He left his alt at Hamlet and joined on his then alt, fastvincent1, at spawn, which is now his main. He was apart of the group Conquest before their leader retired in 2019 and he was promoted to leader. The group died out after Vincent took over, and it eventually was near-completely dead. His priority queue ran out and he now seldom visits 2b2t, usually to check out ruins.

A view of Hamlet


fastvincent1 made a video on his alternative YouTube account HeyItsFast, making Southern Canal acid shaders. With good reception, it prompted vincent to create more content. He eventually began on his (now main) YouTube channel, fastvincent1, inspired mainly by SalC1, Fit, and especially BarrenDome. He began with his video on the Water Cube. Gaining good reception again, he made more videos, all in a series named "2B2T Archives," the title later forgotten. He currently has over 50,000 subscribers and is considerably known in the 2b2t community, having the respect of many players and quickly gaining even more popularity.

The Anarchy Podcast

fastvincent1 hosts The Anarchy Podcast, with his co-host being DigMC. After the old host, Super, left for college, Vincent and Dig began making the interviews and then sending them to Super to upload them; however, Super eventually stopped responding to them, and so they created a new channel for the podcasts, called The Fast Cast. He also has many YouTube interviews on his channel, most notably being Chezhead and a past 2b2t helper/admin known as Benjojo.

External Links

  • fastvincent1's first, second, and third most popular videos, covering the topics of The Oldest Dog on 2b2t, Space Valkyria, and the Phantom Zone. The most popular, covering the oldest dog, has over 1.7M views!