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JoinedDecember 13, 2018
BasesCamp Big Moose, Sigma City, Sigma Base 3, X-Topia, Cloud Club, Hopen, JIDFbase, Beirut, Citybase, Karakorum, Block Game Jerusalem, Spawn Train, Chunk Haven, Adamantium, Rat House, The 2b2t Museum
Alternative AccountsFamilyPumpkin, Pumpler
PastAstral Brotherhood, Collectors Club, DonFuer, Emperium, The Followers of the Crafting Table, PVG, Shortbus Caliphate, 0Neb Appreciation Group, +X Nether Border Diggers

FamilyPumpkin6 is a newfag that is known for building at several large bases and also making many maparts. Additionally, he led the +X Nether Border Diggers for a time.

Early History

FamilyPumpkin6 joined 2b2t in December of 2018, right around 2b2t's 8th birthday. After getting some gear from Cuffling after escaping spawn, he traveled for about a week to get to ~2 million to establish his first base, Camp Big Moose. After 2 months of building there, he accidentally leaked coordinates to it on the subreddit and /killed back to spawn, and based with SuperMikey9000 at a small spawn stash for some time. During this time, he also joined the Emperium and became more involved with the actual 2b community. He also based at several Emperium bases, such as Sigma City and Sigma Base 3.

Camp Big Moose


While in Emperium, Family was invited to a X-Topia by DarkXL6 in June of 2019. He arrived and built the Rainbow Vault and Historyville, which was a collection of some of the most famous builds on the server. Family would reside here for 9 months, and make many friends in his time at the base. During his time at X-Topia, Family was also invited to Cloud Club, where he built the X-Topia space shuttle. In early February of 2020, Family decided to leave Emperium to focus on X-Topia. Later that same month, Backstreet Boys griefed the base, as they had gotten coordinates when Family had a pearl loaded at spawn a month previous.

The Rainbow Vault

The Painting Mapart Project

In late 2019, FamilyPumpkin6 led a project to make a 4x4 recreation of the 'Skull on Fire' Painting. The project was successful, and the entire 4x4 map was assembled. He also created some of the smaller paintings as maparts too, including Bonjour Monsieur Courbet, Match, and Wasteland.

The completed Skull on Fire mapart, next to the ingame painting

Nether Border Dig

FamilyPumpkin6 also led an effort to dig to the nether World border in April 2020. However, after he left 2b2t in February of 2021, his friend Zaanga became the leader of the +X Nether Border Diggers. The group reached the Nether World Border on June 22, 2021.


Directly after X-Topia fell, Family decided to start a new base for the builders to go. He also brought in a friend of his from Emperium, DJDJ_, to bring more materials for building from stashes he found. Most of the active members of X-Topia were invited, as well as some new friends such as Zaanga, _gigo, and Joey_Coconut. Right as Hopen was founded, Family got access to the ice dupe from the Collector's Club, which allowed him to make a massive stash for the base, and ensure that materials would never be a problem. While at Hopen, Family also met Joey, who invited him to join the Shortbus Caliphate.

After 5 months of building, Hopen was griefed in August of 2020 after being discovered by an alleged private exploit. The grief was minimal, however, so the builders griefed most of the base themselves.

Block Game Jerusalem

Immediately following the grief of Hopen, FamilyPumpkin6 moved to Block Game Jerusalem. Feeling uninspired, he contributed little, then subsequently exited the group to take a break from 2b as a whole for half a year. Upon returning to 2b he remained largely inactive until the 1.19 update in August of 2023, which inspired him to play again.

A large render of Hopen, made by Terbin