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  • April of 2011 - February of 2012 (Chezhead’s Republic)
  • February of 2012 - June of 2012 (Phagocytic’s Republic)
  • November 2019 - Present (Chezhead Revival)
Status Active
Famous Bases Camp Facepunch, Facepunch Castle, Fort Creationism Corner, Fort Hardware and Software, Outpost Raptor I, II, III, and IV, Banana Republic, Drunken Embassy, Fort Lake, and several other bases, camps, and outposts. 2k2k was one of the last.
Numbers ~100-500

The Facepunch Republic, also known as the Facepunch Alliance, Congregation of Facepunch[1], or simply Facepunch, was a group of players that joined 2b2t in early 2011. Members of this group are known as Facepunchers. They consisted of users from the online forum facepunch.com (now shut down), giving them their name. These Facepunchers came to 2b2t to play and create cities where their forum members could build and bring order among the server's anarchy by creating a perfect civilization where people had jobs and such. Their leader was known as Chezhead, who lead the group until Phagocytic took over.

In November 2019, Chezhead returned to create a revival faction committed to secrecy, nonviolence, and good vibes.

First Facepunch meeting, with Chezhead at the front
Several Members

Old Facepunch Republic

The Facepunch Republic began in 2011 with a thread titled Upon the Shoulders of Giants: An Adventure in 2b2t posted on the Facepunch Forums on April 27th, 2011.

Their initiative to bring order failed badly as their actions were seen as an insult to the whole server, beginning a hunt for Facepunchers on the server. This led to a server-wide conflict known as the The Facepunch War which lead to the group's inevitable demise. After Chezhead left 2b2t and gave up hope, the remaining Facepunchers failed to keep the group together and eventually disbanded in February of 2012. Their forum was still essential to 2b2t as a media and a sort of memory book of the server.

One of Facepunch's main and most notable spawn bases was 2k2k located at approximately X: -2000 Z: -2000. Built by Facepunchers and lead by Phagocytic, who took control after Chezhead’s departure and initial disband of the Republic, this was their last-ditch effort to fend off against the attacking 4chan Anarchists. Since their base was close to spawn, it was griefed multiple times, although this didn't stop the Facepunchers from repairing it for over a month. Eventually, the group began to decline once again as more and more Facepunchers gave up on repairing 2k2k. They either went to live somewhere else or left the server.

Fort Creatonism Corner - A Facepunch base of 2b2t.net.jpg

The Facepunch Republic collapsed in June of 2012. 2k2k is currently a giant lava cast with some of its former structure still buried under its stony grave. The last Facepunch thread was closed on June 7th, 2015.

Despite the Republic being disbanded and several Facepunchers leaving after 2k2k, there were still some who remained. These Facepunchers either fused into new groups, went solo, or never advertised their Facepunch origin and secretly made new bases. The most notable group of Facepunchers still remaining after the Republic's fall was the group started by Coldwave, in which he hoped to create a new republic. He founded Hitlerwood which later fused with Anatolia (aka the Black Flag Group) to create Valkyria. Essentially, Valkyria was the Facepunch Republic 2.0 due to their Facepunch ancestry. Knightvista created the last Facepunch base, Fort Avril, which was griefed.

The Facepunch War

The Facepunch War was a rebellion in 2b2t against the rising Facepunch Republic by the 4channers. It occurred during 2011-2012. It started when a player named Chezhead rallied everyone on the Facepunch forum to join 2b2t and form a peaceful anarchy in the server. The 4channers disagreed with this and attempted to take down the Facepunch Republic.

Facepunch Republic
DateApril 28th, 2011 - June 2012
LocationVarious, notably X 500 Z 42
Result4channer victory, beginning of Server Decay

Combatant OneFacepunch Republic
Combatant Two4channers

Commanders and leaders
Commander (Comb. 1)
Commander (Comb. 2)Decentralized (no leader)
Strength (Comb. 1)Large numbers, numerous bases, access to one of the first Duplication Glitches
Strength (Comb. 2)Spies, decentralized bases, greater number of hackers, large amounts of materials
Casualties and losses


Following an influx of players coming from the Facepunch forums in April, 2011, Luke2thebun griefed Camp Facepunch, retroactively named Greyskull's last stand, on April 28th, 2011, effectively beginning the loose ties between the groups. Chezhead later declares war after denial, mainly due to his advisors suggesting it. Many 4channers and individuals begin to attack Facepunch Bases.[2] Spies in the forums, along with a majority of 4channer's using Cheat Clients, led the Facepunchers into a decay as many of their bases were raided and griefed, most close to spawn.

Major Events

Some of these do not have dates as they have been lost over the years.

  • April 27th, 2011 - Chezhead begins first 2b2t related thread on facepunch.com and declares the founding of the Facepunch Republics to bring a peaceful anarchy. 4channers assemble to combat this. A KOS list is assembled by Chez.
  • April 28th, 2011 - Greyskull's Stand marks first battle of the impending war. Camp Facepunch destroyed by Luke2thebun. Chezhead denies war.
    File:Greyskull's stand.png
    Remains of Greyskull's Stand
  • April, 2011 - July, 2011 - Peak of war and Republic power. Several bases made and destroyed by raiders and 4channers.
  • July, 2011 - October, 2011 - Republic idea begins to wane and decline. The last thread of the Republic on facepunch.com is started on July 7th, 2011, titled "2b2t V2: there is no FP republic". Facepunchers begin to quit 2b and give up. Chezhead gives up on the Republic in October.
  • October, 2011 - February, 2012 - Players continue to try and keep the Republic together with the departure of Chezhead as leader. This fails and the Republic collapses in February.
  • June, 2012 - Last band of facepunchers, led by Phagocytic, dedicated to the Republic try and create a spawn base known as 2k2k, with the hopes to constantly rebuild it to make griefers give up. This fails as facepunchers got tired of constantly rebuilding and began to lose hope. The group slowly gave up and disbanded causing the end of the old Republic.


  • The war in itself is almost similar to The Rusher War four years later: a group of new players trying to make a change in 2b2t, with old players trying to take them down. Major differences include the fact that the amount of facepunchers joining the server was less, not more, than the amount of people who already played, and the fact that the facepunch community was much less centralized around a specific leader, and (somewhat) more mature, than the TCR community.
  • Despite the war having much less casualties than the Rusher War, 4 years later, the war saw more armed combatants die than in the Rusher War due to the fact that the war was during the Beta stages of Minecraft, meaning enchantments, god armor, crystals, totems, withers, etc, were not a thing back then, making killing much easier than it is today. The only reason the Rusher War outweighs in the casualties department, is because of the mass slaughter of the newfags at spawn, who barely had anything, if not nothing.

Major Groups Involved

  • Facepunch Republic
  • 4channers

Minor Groups Involved

Facepunch Federation

Despite a failure to achieve peace and stability in 2012 and the Facepunch forums shutting down, in November 2019, Chezhead returned to the server to revive the group and establish some outposts.

After the griefing of many bases such as Bunker Badass and the S.B.A (Spawn Base Alpha), the group received a decline throughout much of early 2020. This, combined with the group's eventual purge of 50% of the player base due to inactivity, wasn't working well. Following a mass rebound and influx in May of 2020, the group was back on its feet and opened many new bases. Its future can be considered to be in the light as it treks upon the shoulders of giants.

The rules that govern the new Republic are:

  1. Protect Coordinates
  2. Practice Nonviolence
  3. Maintain Security
  4. Invite Friends
  5. Respect Hierarchy
  6. Civil Chat
  7. Good Vibes


  • Facepunchers (not counting New Facepunchers) still roam the server today such as popbob, lemler33, xcc2, and a few others.
  • The term Facepuncher is similar to Rusher as it is used in the exact same way. It was used to generalize a group of players and not necessarily mean they were part of the Republic (while most were), but just to refer to them that they came from Facepunch
  • The Republic named their bases federation shelters, outposts, camps, forts, and towns.
  • The group had a system of social classes, which included (but not limited to) the president, advisors, mayors, and citizens. Chezhead was the president of the Republic, which essentially meant he was the leader and had full power over it. He made the ultimate decisions. Advisors were put in place to keep bases in check and were required to arrange meetings with all advisors online in order to agree with large decisions, with Chezhead having the final say. Mayors ran towns and shelters and kept the citizens of the town in line. The citizens were basic builders and common players.
  • The group undoubtedly left a legacy that is still seen today. Their failed attempts to create a sort of peace and order in anarchy changed the way players played 2b2t for years to come through creating base groups and just groups in general, seeking a system and a sort of order, good or bad, despite the ruthlessness and lawlessness of anarchy.
  • The original Facepunchers were the first noted group to have access to the pistion duplication glitch, which was the first-ever noted duplication glitch in server history. It shaped them to be even more of a powerhouse and, despite losing, one of their advantages in the Facepunch War.
    A group of Facepunchers using the Piston Dupe.

FP Base list

Old Republic

This list may be incomplete. You can help by expanding it.

  • Camp Facepunch
  • Project Arsenal (mob grinder)
  • Wool Caves, Face Punch streaming base. Alpha blocks found here
  • Jasun and popbob's outpost (old mob grinder) (Partly griefed)
  • Zion 5285 10222. July 2011-August 2012 (after getting grieffed Phagocytic decided to move the base at 2k2k)
  • 2k2k x-2000 z-2000. July 2012-2013 (the oldest and longest ran base by the FP)
  • Outpost Raptor II (all of the raptor bases were made by assassinraptor)
  • Outpost Raptor III
  • Outpost Raptor IV
  • Food Island (restored and griefed)
  • Fort Lake a FP base from early 2011. (Hidden in the giant lake)
  • Fort Kick-Ass a 4-Chan from early 2011. (Mentioned thousands of times in the FP forums.)
  • Fort Creationism Corner a FP base from early 2011.
  • Fort Something a FP base from early 2011.
  • Putzburg a FP base from early 2011.
  • Fort Casual Friday
  • Aria
  • Fort FP NFFS (Fort Facepunch Not Far From Spawn)
  • Sky City
  • Fort Bacons&Eggs
  • Facepunch base 7
  • Facepunch base 5
  • Fort DuckFace central
  • Camp GD (General Discussion)
  • StarToad
  • C-NGF (Camp Not Giving a Fuck)
  • Drunken Miner embassy
  • Fort Eden
  • Coolity Fort 1.0
  • Candy Mountain
  • Fort two Seasons
  • Phagocytic's island

New Republic

  • 8k8k
  • Bravo Base
  • Bunker Badass
  • Bunker Badass II
  • Camp Oakwood
  • Checkpoint Charlie
  • Checkpoint Charlie v2
  • Corinth
  • Fort Hardware & Software 6.0
  • Kickass Cove
  • OMEGA Base v1, v2, and v3
  • Salvation Outpost
  • SnowCliff Keep
  • Steel Outpost
  • Spawn Base Alpha (SBA)
  • Toonie Town

Old Facepunch Republic Notable Members

  • Askaris
  • ArsonBoy5996
  • Asrue2
  • Bisousbisous
  • BlueAVS
  • Bob4life10
  • Cameron_Stroub
  • Cellular
  • ChrisDom
  • Coldwave
  • popbob (Until his rampage)
  • passie05
  • policemike55
  • polly_the_parrot
  • xcc2 (Despite coming to 2b from 4chan) (Active to this day)
  • chase101
  • assassin_raptor
  • The7DeadlySyns
  • Shnitzelkiller
  • repins1acitcat
  • moshspegetti
  • TentricCon
  • BreakfastBuddy
  • Isak
  • Phagocytic (Took leadership after Chezhead's departure)
  • Tark
  • stewe231
  • Dachande
  • Mexican (Yes, ure not dreamin)
  • Computrix
  • Coolguy13511
  • Coolity
  • Crommissar
  • DeandreT
  • Devonwargod
  • Fizzlecleave
  • Frustum
  • GiggleBlizzard
  • Hellborg
  • Hinderjd
  • Horsedrowner
  • IcyTruth
  • Joshirw54
  • Jackald
  • KarvaBopi
  • Leleko_765
  • Livelion
  • TylerCB
  • LucanC
  • Mariodude146
  • Mattiman35
  • Mattyyy
  • MrFoxer
  • Neos300
  • Ninjarooster
  • Prezshadow
  • PrinnyGenocide
  • Rabbittt
  • RagamuffinJoe
  • Rauthr
  • Ricaaado
  • Robotito
  • RobotBanana
  • Ryfry
  • Slag
  • Soccerskyman
  • Startoad
  • TayG0
  • Teacakes
  • Velguador
  • Zeos
  • ZombieDawgs
  • PootisSpencer
  • uitham
  • Harblax (until his betrayal)
  • Pimpmastaflex (until his betrayal)
  • CreamOfTheSlop (until his "betrayal")
  • Drasnus
  • Brickable (final noted member)

Several others

Archived Facepunch Threads/External Links

Although the Facepunch forums are down, several 2b2t-related threads have been archived on the Wayback Machine. The following is a list of archived threads.