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Facepunch Federation
A meeting of NFPR members at Spawn Base Alpha (SBA)
Approx. FoundedNovember 2019
Notable Members
Notable Bases
2k2k rebuild project.

The Facepunch Federation or FF, formerly known as the New Facepunch Republic or NFPR, is a group/faction dedicated to good vibes. It follows the system of the nearly 10-year old Faction, the Facepunch Republic.

It began after chezhead, the leader of the original Facepunch Republic, returned to 2b2t in November 2019 and created the New Facepunch Republic. The group quickly rose in numbers due to new players wanting to be part of a group with such old players. The Vice President role was added to the group as chezhead was unable to fully be active due to real life responsibilities. Although there have been a few minor downfalls, the group continued to rise and was recently reorganized into the Facepunch Federation.

Facepunch Federation Banner


Fall and Winter 2019/2020

Chezhead returned to 2b2t in November of 2019 to revive the republic. A hierarchy of leaders and advisors was quickly established, with chezhead as the President. A steady rise of new members revealed that this group was not going to dissolve like many new groups do. The group stayed active with a base led by each of the four leaders.

In February, chezhead announced the creation of the Vice President role. Due to real-life responsibilities, chezhead was unable to lead the Republic fully, therefore he made the leader Vab_ito into the VP to lead the Republic in chez's place. Soon, Vab handed the title over to OMEGAO000, who led as VP for the next couple months. Omega was soon going to leave, however, and the VP role was now in Jeffrey_214's hands.

Spring of 2020

In May 2020 many new projects started one, after another. The republic members participated in rebuilding Castle Hatehart led by Fredmodulars, but it was quickly found out. Another project was 8k8k - a base that was a tribute to 2k2k, and most of the builds in the base were made in Beta style intentionally. The biggest project was SBA (Spawn Base Alpha) - a base that was supposed to be a meeting place for every group member. After Tabb0 completed the construction of the Great Hall (the biggest building at SBA), the first meeting occurred where the future plans for the group were discussed.

The Republic was soon plagued with a group of players who would grief its bases. SBA and Kickass Cove were soon destroyed, and smaller NFPR bases were destroyed later. They soon recovered with an Initiate (mike120500) making a new base named Camp Oakwood, as well as Fred creating Steel Outpost, which was soon passed onto CattynGMD when Fred and a friend created Fort Hardware & Software 6.0.

A small rebellion was established (which lasted no more than three hours after it was busted) where a player named Fredmodulars attempted to take over the Republic due to being angry at what he called, "inactive leadership." The VP at the time, Jeffrey, tried to doxx Fred after Fred had released Jeffrey's information across multiple servers in an attempt to gain leaverage within the group, Jeffrey was later framed by modulars, which caused his removal from the the VP role, and later his departure from the Republic. VillagerFilms was chosen to become VP by Fred and his supporters as he was willing to allow Fred and his supporters to violate the groups code under the pretense they would keep radically supporting the groups campaigning and propaganda efforts.

Summer of 2020

During June 2020, a new base named Corinth rose and brought the best builders in the group together to make the most ambitious base in the group's history. Quickly new builds were made such as the reconstruction of Romes Colosseum or the Grand Tree. On 21 June, the base was found out and griefed by a newfag named Tr0pic, but its members quickly created a new one. One of said members got their account hacked by a member of Emperium, threatening the safety of the base, but quickly created a new one. The base is safe.

July 2020 saw many changes in leadership and comebacks. At the beginning of July, ancientfag Isak became active again, prompting a large group meeting to take place. Just a few days later, OMEGAO000 came back to the group with new ideas and projects in his mind. VillagerFilms resigned from his position as Vice President for Omega peacefully. On 9th July 2020, a big Facepunch Logo was made out of obsidian at Spawn. Participants were promoted to higher ranks. Omega decided to host Karaoke Night on Voice Chat to make discord server more active. Karaoke Night was the biggest Facepunch meeting. At its peak 18 people were on Voice Chat.

July also saw a few anti-facepunch groups rise and inside the group. Fredmodulars was a member of many and griefed some of their bases, but he later "quit" and is rumored to rejoin again like he has done before. This insiding crisis and other smaller problems kickstarted chezhead into reorganizing the NFPR into the Facepunch Federation.

On July 23, 2020, the New Facepunch Republic was reformed into the Facepunch Federation. The hierarchy of the original group was altered, and new divisions were formed to create a more stable and more powerful group. The Vice President role was removed, and most advisors were given one of the six new branches of the FF. This change will benefit the Federation and help it become a stronger force in the 2b2t community.

Fall of 2020

At the end of August and September the group saw major decay. Because many people joined Facepunch in times of Corona, many members and some high rankers became less active. Advisor that did a lot for the group known as Russian Roomba left the group for personal reasons. Small drama rose inside the group when one of the active members - CattynGMD actually helped in griefing Bedrock Comet. Because he had last chance from breaking another rule in the past he have been thrown out of the group.

Chezhead's return story, showcases the problems Armorsmith caused to him.
Chezhead's return story, showcases the problems Armorsmith caused to him.


The first bit of controversy in the republic was when 0Neb was revealed to be Armorsmith's friend in late 2019. Armorsmith was known to be the original owner of the Republic's Discord server, and intended to use chezhead to manipulate other factions into following him. The outcome of this was the banning of both 0Neb and Armorsmith. Later, in the Spring of 2020, the team known as Hybrid griefed multiple bases, one being Bunker Badass II griefed by Craig and two being the SBA and Kickass Cove (the latter being mainly inactive). The republic soon resurged as stated previously and, despite the grief of SBA being a hard hit, was quickly justified with the addition of new bases and the continuous influx of members throughout the second half of May.

The republic was growing with new infrastructure and bases (despite not having much of a steady income of players) throughout June and very early July 2020 until a new group emerged - the AFR - CDC (Anti Facepunch Republic Concentration Diverse Collaboration) - by avhdez03 and Fredmodulars on July 12th following their successful destruction of Valinor. The group went on to grief Camp Oakwood v3 and the FP Summer Base, where a battle took place between 11 individuals, some related to the incident but most just random people. RussianRoomba attempted to attack Fredmodulars prior to his arrival, although failed when he was also attacked and was distracted calling in backup, leading Fred to retreat. The group soon dissolved after Fredmodulars "quitting." The member Banana Man (mike120500) attempted to scare Fredmodulars with a fake dox, which led to him being kicked, and two members of the leadership team leaving the NFPR due to the drama and fighting amongst themselves. Although the insiding is still ongoing, the new Facepunch Federation will attempt to hunt them down.


  1. Protect Coordinates
  2. Practice Nonviolence
  3. Maintain Security
  4. Invite Friends
  5. Respect Hierarchy
  6. Civil Chat
  7. Good Vibes


  • Bravo Base
  • Bunker Badass
  • Bunker Badass II
  • Bunker Badass III
  • Camp Oakwood I
  • Camp Oakwood II/Birch Town
  • Camp Oakwood III
  • Checkpoint Charlie
  • Checkpoint Charlie v2
  • Corinth I
  • Corinth II (Active)
  • Facepunch Summer Camp Base
  • Fort Aqua
  • Fort Hardware and Software 6.0
  • Kickass Cove
  • Omega Base 1
  • Omega Base v2
  • Omega Base v3
  • Proving Grounds Outpost
  • Random Ass Town
  • Salvation Outpost
  • SnowCliff Keep
  • Steel Outpost
  • Spawn Base Alpha
  • Golden Isles
  • Valinor
  • 8k8k
Corinth II, the NFPR's largest and only standing base currently.

Facepunch Federation Members (48) Note, the following are Discord Usernames


OG Facepunchers



Gold Members


Facepunch Federation Department Heads

  • MS: Military/Security - CattynGMD
  • GR: Group Relations - OMEGAO000
  • EL: Economy/Logistics - RussianRoomba
  • PR: Public Relations - VillagerFilms
  • HS: Historical Society - MLGFox and Brickzebra
  • IA : Internal Affairs - Darth08


  1. Darth08