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A Fight Club arena

Fight Club was a community event organized by Forceken.


The event originated in random 'fight' events Forceken organized around spawn between 2017 and 2020. During the event players would 'fight' eachother in one on one battles by hitting eachother untill one of the contestants lost their totem of undying. The winner would receive a 'kit' containing usefull items. The arenas for the event were mostly submitted voluntarily by players. The event was also known for luring participants into lag machines. The concept of the event was inspired by the movieFight Club from 1999.

In 2020 Forceken and two other players: R41P and Brackflip would reboot the idea of Fight Club as an organized series of events. The first event was held on June 26th 2 2020. It featured arenas built by Brackflip and attracted over thirty players.[1][2][3] Soon however, the organisers of the event would soon however disagree over the way the event was set up, with Brackflip having problems with putting effort into builds that would be destroyed weekly. Forceken on the other hand wanted to turn the event more into a community event, involving multiple builders and arenas, a mapart advertisements being spread around spawn and all maparts being reset to this advertisement. The group also organized multiple 'private events', one of which was visited by BarrenDome and Salc1.[4][5] One of the maparts was found by Fit, which would lead to him reaching out to Forceken, participating in one of the event and dedicating a video to the event. Fight Club would grow as an event and even branch out to different minecraft servers.[6][7]

After the video Brackflip left the project due to him feeling like he wasn't given enough credit. Forceken meanwhile planned to let Fight Club end in destruction, as a homage to the movie the event was based upon. He got into contact with Orsond and the Guardsmen and together with them and the Infinity Incursion set up the 'Obsidian Labyrinth', a giant obsidian structure filled with Elder Guardians and covered with water that trapped over fifty players during one of the Fight Club events.[8] During the same event the final arena was built next to a lag machine that kicked all players and was supposed to end the Fight Club series. Soon thereafter Jakethasnake52 and Jared2013 tried to organise their own Fight Club events. Forceken would eventually continue the event, get ownership of jared's Fight Club discord and continue the event for another six months. One of the locations, designed by Bananaon2b2t, was a homage to the ending of the Fight Club movie.[9].

The final event was held in december 2020 in a recreation of the Berliner Dom by Franknificant and was visited by Turkish youtuber Dogukan Adal.[10][11]

Arena at a private Fight Club event, built by DarkXL6
Berliner Dom arena for the final event

The event returned sporadically after its conclusion. In may 31 an event was held for the fifth anniversary of the Rusher Invasion, at X:5130 Z:7680, with a build containing statues of Fit and Rusher, and a recreation of the castle where their duel occurred. On May 31, 2021, following three weeks of building, an event was held for the fifth anniversary of the Rusher Invasion, with a build containing statues of Fit and Rusher, and a recreation of the castle where their duel occurred.[12]

In october 2021 Forceken, Franknificant and Bikmunni organized a new Fight Club event where they lured the participants into a lag machine inside an enormous Hausemaster statue. In november another event was organized, combining Fight Club with Forckens new 'Snowball League' event. In december 2021 Forceken organized a Fight Club style-event involving the giveaway of many dubs of items and a Christmas Tree containing a lag machine.[13]

Players involved in building Fight Club arenas