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InhabitantsHawkedOnFonix, R2bEEaton, BigBat, Charlie, Bloctagon, bucky2000, OldFreeWilly, Cloverfrost, G_Manitie
StartedJune 23, 2018
GriefedJuly 16, 2018
World download
LinkNot Available

Exposition, also known as Purgatory 5, was the final Builders Haven tempbase. After the grief of Purgatory 4, R2bEEaton decided to change the name of the bases since "Purgatory" was getting old, and the new name was voted on and chosen.

Exposition was located on a Mushroom Island with smaller and denser builds. Notable builds included HawkedOnFonix's End City tree, BigBat's lighthouse, 1Charlie3's Billy Joel map art, Bloctagon's library and the Exposition Writer's Guild founded by Cloverfrost and Charlie.

The base was leaked and griefed the morning of 7/16/2018. After the grief, the members at Builder's Haven decided to wait for 1.13 to arrive at their own bases rather than making a new tempbase.

List of Builds

  • HawkedOnFonix's End City tree
  • R2bEEaton's Saddle Shop
  • BigBat's lighthouse
  • Charlie's Billy Joel map art
  • Bloctagon's library
  • Exposition Writer's Guild & hidden reading room
  • bucky2000's house
  • R2bEEaton's house
  • OldFreeWilly's house
  • Cloverfrost's house
  • Small Farms Plaza; central automation systems & afk fishing station with auto fish smelter
  • Clover's Landscape Architecture Consultancy
  • Charlie's farms & Redstone Consultancy
  • BigBat's gold farm
  • (In)humane villager breeder
  • G_Manitie's pyramid city (unfinished)


Base tour by R2bEEaton