Exodus (base)

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Exodus (base)
"It was nothing big, a cobble wall that got expanded when we needed room..."
Exodus dusk.jpeg
InhabitantsCainesLaw, Tachrev
Startedearly 2015
FinishedMarch 2015
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Exodus was a small base founded by CainesLaw and Tachrev in early 2015.


Following the destruction of their previous base, CainesLaw and Tachrev were invited to a group base by the griefer, LazyNickers. After building for a bit, they decided to move and found a nice peninsula nearby, where they founded Exodus. The base originally had a large cobblestone wall, a house built by Tachrev, and a small gold farm built by CainesLaw.

CainesLaw later did some exploring and found a dupe stash, which he robbed and used to improve the gold farm at Exodus. Both of the builders continued to play at the base for a little while until it was griefed in March of 2015. On May 31st, 2015, the two founded Aureus City.

The Boedecken was founded close to the location of Exodus and was surprisingly not found due to its location but rather destroyed due to an inside job.


Interview with CainesLaw