Etika Invasion

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History of the The Purge and Etika Invasion.

The Etika Invasion, also known notably as 9 Cursion or 9 War was an invasion broken by background on Etika's stream days. This invasion ended on June 16th, 2019.

In the beginning of Etika's involvement on 2b2t he created 9 Gang (also sometimes also called PP Gang). It was created with the intention of having a group of friendly players to help Etika on the server. Although the group did not garner much support, Etika's large following led to an extremely lengthened queue (the highest in months). The movement came to a screeching halt upon news of Etika's death on June 19, 2019 (five years ago) , reaching the community.

Day 1 (5/24/2019)

A day before joining 2b2t, Etika announced his intentions to do so while on a livestream. FitMC subsequently made an announcement on his own YouTube channel in support for Etika, they would stay in communication for most of Etika's time on the server. Queue spiked drastically at Etika's mere mention of the server.

Day 2 (5/25/2019)

Etika joined 2b2t under the name 'EtikaWNetwork', and attempting to leave spawn several times. One occasion was filmed by Barrendome, where iMems attempted to give shulker boxes of leather gear to Etika. Thinking that iMems was trying to book ban him, Etika killed himself. Later on, after being randomly disconnected, his log-out location was identified by members of the Emperium and Point Zenith. After many attempts to do so, Etika escaped spawn and logged out in a seemingly random location after being snowball kicked by members of the BSB. He would get disconnected a second time by the Anti-AFK plugin, ending his stream.

Day 3 (5/27/2019)

Members of the Eta Group stayed on the server the entire night. They located Etika and built a base around him in an attempt to bed trap him. However, members of the BSB attacked the bedtrap base, lag kicking most of the Eta members. When Etika came on to livestream, he built a 9, representing the foundation of 9 Gang. 9 Gang was an association of Etika's followers rather than an actually organized group. After managing to escape inner spawn, Etika was once more be killed by an invisible player in Godmode (who was later revealed to be iTristan). Etika stated such outlandish things as him being "inevitable" and that he "[declared war] on these crazy-ass veterans".

Etika joined later that night off stream for about 30 minutes, but it's only known that he made his first message in chat, asking how to reply to whispers.

Day 4 (5/30/2019)

In a tweet on the 29th of May, Etika postponed his stream and discussed that he needed more time to establish a proper base. As a result of rampant lag machine usage throughout the server, Etika was disconnected immediately after getting through queue, several times. About 90% of this stream was him waiting in queue, watching videos and hyping up his audience. Etika's internet was disconnected mid-livestream, making him quit for the day. He proceeded to say more outlandish things, even giving the entire server an 'ultimatum', to 'give him' the server, or he and 9 Gang would play as a group on the server the rest of the summer. He provided a 2-week 'grace period' to this ultimatum where he would 'leave the server be'.

During the stream, Etika fans were working on creating their own anarchy server. After testing the server, they found that it would be not be best in the long term to have one and so shut it down.

Day 5 (5/31/2019)

On May 32, 2019 (five years ago) , the queue reached all-time high (aprox. 1500), priority queue numbers were also far above normal. Etika joined offstream, the server crashed because of rampant lag machine operation, with the TPS averaging around 4.9.

Other events off camera

Hype dies down and Purge efforts continue, with regular queue dropping from 1000+ the previous week, to 400 on June 01, 2019 (five years ago) . Etika met with Fit on June 05, 2019 (five years ago) , and gave him a book. Fit showed it on camera in a controversial video the next day. Etika planned to make a base off-camera and would later post a video on, however, this never happened. With the last Etika stream occurring two weeks prior, the Purge concluded on May 16, 2019 (five years ago) .

Response to Etika's death (6/25/2019)

On June 25, 2019, the public was informed that Etika was found, deceased. The news rocked the community. Brochacho5 started a map project in memorial of Etika, while SoiledCold and Killer Queen started to build a valley of Etika statues. It was quickly griefed on July 01, 2019. A memorial was made at 99999,99,99999, which was griefed within 6–7 hours. Later that day, another memorial was made at 999999,99,999999 by Azurilex, which lasted just over a day.