Etika Invasion

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The Etika Invasion, also known notably as the following:

  • 9 Cursion
  • 9 War

The 'Invasion' has been broken down by background, and each of Etika's Stream Days. This Invasion has ended on June 16th, 2019.

Day 1 (5/24/19)

A day before his Invasion, he announced it on his stream. FitMC announced of his invasion on his YouTube channel; in support for Etika. FitMC would then go on to coach Etika over Twitter Messenger, 'preparing' him for his invasion. Non-Prio Queue numbers would drastically go up in this time, spiking heavily. During this day, he did not play on 2b2t, instead picking up Minecraft again, after last playing it during 2013. However, due to a massive amount of chat commenting about 2b2t, and Fit mentioning it, he would learn about 2b2t and the aforementioned events would occur.

Day 2 (5/25/19)

Throughout the day, Etika would continue being coached by FitMC, before starting his stream under the username 'EtikaWNetwork', and attempting to leave spawn a few times. One occasion would be filmed by Barrendome, where iMems would attempt to give shulkers of leather gear to Etika. Thinking that he was trying to book ban him, he would kill himself. Later on, after being randomly disconnected, his log out location would be identified by members of the Emperium and Point Zenith. However, he would kill himself oncemore before any major effort could be made against him. He would then go on, under heavy chase, to escape spawn and log out in a seemingly random location after being snowball kicked by members of the BSB. He would get disconnected a second time by the Anti-AFK plugin, ending his stream.

Day 3 (5/27/19)

The entire night before, members of the 'Eta' Group would stay on all night, locating him and building a base around him, in attempt to bed trap him. However, a few minutes before, members of the BSB would attack them, lag kicking them and taking over his first place. Etika would then carry on to be warned by FitMC about such an attempt, so he would kill himself oncemore as soon as he would log in. During this stream, he would build a nine, representing the foundation of 9 Gang, a group similar to Team Rushers, being a very informal group of Etika's followers. After managing to escape the inner vicinity of spawn, only equipped with basic gear, he would once more be killed by an invisible player in Godmode (turned out to be iTristan), then logging out and ending the stream, after mentioning his plans to come back offstream and escape spawn then. In his plans he also wanted to establish a base. He also made a quote where he was "inevitable" and that he has formally declared war "on these crazy ass veterans".

Etika joined later that night off stream for about 30 minutes, but it's only known that he made his first message in chat, asking how to reply to whispers, most likely to Fit, but for now, the reason being is unknown.

Day 4 (5/30/19)

In a tweet on the 29th of May, Etika postponed his stream and discussed that he needed more time for the base establishment. Due to lag machines, Etika was disconnected directly after getting past queue onto the server. About 90% of this stream was him waiting in queue, watching videos and hyping up his audience. He was disconnected from the internet, making him abandon the stream. Despite this, by the end, the plan he came to was to have 9gang use lag machines on the server, but as for now, none of this has come to fruition and is, like most else Etika has said, is merely ideas. He also gave 2b2t an 'ultimatum', to 'give him' the server, and he will let it be by 2 weeks, or else he will keep on resisting for all of summer and lag the server as much as he and 9gang can.

During the stream, Etika fans were working on creating their own anarchy server. After testing the server, they found that it would be not be best in the long term to have one and so shut it down.

Day 5 (5/31/19)

Queue reaches all time high (aprox. 1500), priority queue is also above the normal. Etika severely underestimated the power of lag warfare, and late on the day, as Etika would join offstream, the server would crash because of massive amounts of lag generated by lag machines. (aprox 4.9 TPS)

Other events off camera

Queue is halved as hype dies down and Purge efforts continue, with regular queue dropping from 1000+ the previous week, to 400 on June 1st, 2019. Etika meets with Fit on June 5th, 2019 and gives him a book. Fit shows it on camera in a controversial video the next day. Etika planned on making a base off-camera and would later post a video on it, however, no video or any new streams have been posted. With the last Etika stream occurring two weeks prior, the Purge concluded on June 16th, 2019, which can also be considered the end of the Invasion.

June 25, 2019

On June 25, 2019 the public was informed that Etika was found deceased. On r/2b2t the players were being respectful and were thinking of ideas for memorials for etika on 2b2t. On Discord Brochacho5 started a map project in memorial of etika and SoiledCold and Killer Queen started to make a valley of statues to represent Etika, which got greifed on July 1, 2019. A memorial was made at 99999, 99, 99999, which ended up getting griefed within 6-7 hours. Later that day, another memorial was made at 999999, 99, 999999 by Azurilex, which lasted over 24 hours, but also ended up getting griefed.