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Approx. join date May 26th, 2019
Status Active (Hacked)
Known Alts Had one, but name is unknown.
Reddit Username(s) EtikaWorldNetwork
Current N/A
Past 9 Gang and Fit

EtikaWNetwork (Etika) was a YouTuber who joined and streamed 2b2t after learning about it on his YouTube-stream, attracting an influx of players, in which the queue was above the one thousands. He was the founder of 9 Gang.

He started the Etika Invasion, a series of ongoing events that erupted due to him joining.

Minecraft Streams

After stirring up controversy by getting banned on Twitch and getting arrested on Instagram live, on May 25th Etika unexpectedly decided to pick up Minecraft after last playing it in 2013. Due to a massive amount of chat in his stream mentioning 2b2t, and Fit himself commenting on it, he decided to check Fit's youtube channel and learn about 2b2t. Although he didn't play it that night, instead trying to pick up the game in singleplayer, he planned on the next.

More Information on the Specific Etika Invasion Page


On June 19th, 2019, Etika went missing after posting a video in the form of a suicide letter. He was later found dead on June 22nd in the East River, New York, after jumping off the Manhattan Bridge, and later identified on June 25th. Multiple memorials and map arts have been built across the map, continuously coming and going.

Account Compromisation

On December 17, 2019, a submission was made to r/EtikaRedditNetwork saying that Etika's account was hacked. His minecraft account is still active on 2b2t today and has been seen on multiple accounts[1] at spawn.