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Eta was a group founded to locate Etika, and to stand generally in opposition to him and his fan base on the server.

Eta logo
FoundedApril 20th, 2019 (as Poor Fellows) March 25th, 2019 (as Etika Finding Group)
DisbandmentMarch 27th, 2019 (as Eta))
Members~70 (Peak)(notable members being u_r_lose, h2hermit, Kez, and KAJ7)
Searching for Etika

Eta's History

On March 24th, 2019 in a voice call, u_r_lose, h2hermit, Kez and KAJ7 would discuss their own personal plans regarding Etika's announced play through of 2b2t, awaiting his play through of 2b2t which didn't arrive in that stream.

On March 25th the group officially was created, under the name "Etika Finding Group", which would see membership rise to 30 people via recruitment from several other Anti-Etika Severs. The group would attempt to locate Etika in association with other groups, however failing in their endeavor to locate Etika. The group stood in parallel to the small newfag supporting group, "The Poor Fellows", who turned in their directives when Etika's Fans poured into 2b2t. The idea of forming this loose "Etika Finding Group" into an established group would come from the Poor Fellows Leadership, of whom many of Eta's eventual leaders were leaders in as well.

The group would organize into "Eta" on March 26th, seeing a massive spike in membership. On the night of the 26th, the group was in full swing, seeing many search parties send around the general region where Etika was determined to be. As the night progressed, people would begin going to sleep, seeing a repeat of the 25th. However, the groups leaders: u_r_lose, h2hermit, Kez and KAJ7 would pull an all-nighter, and after many failed attempts would locate Etika's 1st Log Base.

The next morning, with more people gathering to see Etika come online, the majority of Eta members would be Snowball Kicked by the The Backstreet Boys who would promptly take over the area.

This would produce a mixed response, with many in the group being proud of the achievement, but also disappointed that it wasn't seen fully through.

Eta would continue to operate in an Anti-Etika capacity until March 27th, occupying some parts of spawn and generally killing newfags, when Etika's suicide was made public.

This broke up a lot of Eta's leadership, and membership, who saw the main goal of Eta as being to go against Etika. The group would see further reforms, with the current leadership structure, logo, and new aesthetics of the group made. Eta would continue to conduct spawn raids and partial occupations for a few months, however leadership would continue to decline.

Over time, the leadership would fracture, with many key leaders leaving the group entirely. This would cause a gradual fracturing of the group into several different groups of Eta Members. This would be confounded with the resignation of the last Polemarch, leading to the already fractured Strategii to have total control over the group.

These small groups would continue in their operation, eventually seeing the group turn to total inactivity.

Leadership Structure


Leadership Council / "Council of 4"

The group of leaders of Eta, consisting of u_r_lose, h2hermit, Kez and KAJ7. The Group acted as the sole autocratic leadership body of the Faction, directly commanding Subteam Leaders.

Subteam Leader

The early group was divided into several groups, which would act to cover as much land as possible in search for Etika, and to conduct raids and (partial) occupations of spawn. These leaders would run these "Subteams" which were labeled at some instances incrementally, and in other instances by animals.


The role, being the average member, who would be a part of a "Subteam" and subservient to the "Subteam Leader".


Polemarch Council / "The Round Table"

This acted as the Leadership Council, however in it's reformed state open elections would be held for the majority of it's seats, expanding to include many former Subteam Leaders. The Leadership council no longer held absolute power, and saw it's power checked by the Strategii.

Stratigos Council

Similar to the previous Subteam Leadership, the Stratigos now saw themselves sit as their own body, approving and amending actions set by the Polemarch Council. They still acted as Subteam Leaders, and over time gained more and more de-facto power, leading to the groups gradual fracturing.


The individual member was still a role, however was renamed to "Hoplite". Hoplites reserved the right to vote for the Polemarch Council, and to run if they saw fit.