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Ericudo is a 2b2t player who joined in 2015, notable for his 'Faction Balls' series on the 2b2t subreddit.

JoinedDecember 15, 2015
Alternative AccountsUnknown
CurrentThe Emperium


Having joined on December 15, 2015 directly because of his brother Torogadude, he remained on his own for a considerably long amount of time, including during the Rusher War. He wasn't the most active player when he first joined, but started to become more well known when he joined The Emperium sometime around late February 2017.

However, he wasn't known to be Toro's brother however, until Toro released a 10k YouTube special[Source?]and mentioned his name. His more recent call to fame however has been due to the creation of the "Faction Balls" that he occasionally will post on the reddit. These balls are a play off of countryball comics and contain the current politics of the differing groups at the time (though most of them seem to be anti-Peacekeeper) or major events that happen on the server.