Endtopia was an end base founded by Llane and Offtopia that housed Krobar01's Interdimensional Bridge.

InhabitantsCaviyaz, GrandMasterZK, Jacktherippa, kar731, Krobar01, Llane, Offtopia, stnecldkilla, and THEJudgeHolden
Location(-181900, -339900)
StartedLate 2018
GriefedDecember 21, 2021
GriefersSelf-grief (Krobar01, PaulSteve007)
World download
LinkHosted on the Archive


Foundation and Construction

Endtopia was founded in late 2018 by Llane and Offtopia. After bringing materials there and building structures such as Offtopia's Hub, the base became very sparsely active. Many members stopped playing 2b2t altogether throughout 2019. This inactivity was initially heightened by the Authentication exploit, although it also resulted in Endcursion being compromised. Because of this, Krobar01 no longer had a secure End base to build at. He subsequently accepted an invitation to build at Endtopia. Krobar01 constructed his Interdimensional Bridge alone at the base over the course of several months in mid 2020.[1] Krobar01 built the bridge as a self-described "...island of colour in the void." After the initial period of construction, he shifted his focus to Whitehaven for much of late 2020 and early 2021, returning to Endtopia to continue the basements in the bridge. The base laid relatively dormant for most of 2021.


Endtopia was discovered by Durkaaqt while basehunting. He was streaming in the Spawn Builders Association discord server with the intention being to find a stash for the members of the group.[2] Endtopia was compromised when Im_Stexs gave the location to Moonshine. Krobar01 griefed much of the base over the course of a two hour pvp match before being killed back to spawn by Im_Stexs. PaulSteve007 completed the grief after it was found that Moonshine was repairing the base in order to make a griefing video.[3][4]


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