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An end portal in Minecraft is a naturally generated structure that is used as the only gateway into the End Dimension. On 2b2t, however, end portals are not naturally generated, as all the supposed locations of strongholds (which host end portals) were already generated before these structures were added to the game. This fact required admin interference, in order to allow the community access to The End.


In the early days, Hausemaster was less interested in building end portals, and because of that, the community couldn't access the End for quite some time, until backdoored end portal frames were used to build the first end portal functioning at NFE in 2012 (an attempt to construct an end portal in 2011 had failed).

When Hausemaster found out about the existence of this end portal, and other portals which were later built around the server, he took action by deleting the End Dimension and removing the portals.

Eventually, the admin decided to add end portals back to 2b2t by regenerating chunks in the locations where strongholds were supposed to be generated. These end portals renewed access to the End, however, they were also the target of griefers. Due to the griefing of public end portals, many players relied on access to private ones which were built using backdoored items, in hidden locations.

In 2017, end portals were brought back to 2b2t in their proper locations, this time, the admin built them manually near the bedrock surface. Since then, griefers would occasionally grief all End Portals and disable access to the End for a few weeks or months until they would get rebuilt again by the admin.


Following the 1.19 update, there would be generated 13 more End Portals around spawn, going all the way out to 27000 blocks. All the new End Portals generated beneath the old terrain, from below y level 0. Most of the Portals was found by F_i_l_i_n[1], which was a total of 9 new portals. The Spawnmasons found and actived a few other ones, and some other individual players had also actived one.

Private end portals

An end portal built by popbob as seen on August 13th, 2021,the day before it's demise.

Private end portals were built throughout the years by players who had access to backdoored end portal frames. These end portals were useful when access to The End was limited to the community, if the public portals are griefed. These portals are kept secret for long periods of time, allowing them to survive for many years. Having access to a private end portal is considered to be a highly valuable thing on the server. Some famous private end portals include popbob's end portals, the end portal at Kaamtown, the end portal at NFE, and many other portals which were built at different bases.


Please note that all End Portals are located close to the bedrock level.

Keep in mind that some of the End Portals mentioned here can be griefed at the time of you reading this and the question of when it will be repaired depends on the admin.

End Portal Coordinates
x z distance from 0,0 info
-560 1504 1605
-1008 -1440 1758
1888 -32 1888 popular end portal directly on the +X highway
2064 -4400 4860
4992 -512 5018
2960 4208 5145
-3200 4480 5505
-5568 608 5601 on the Old Spawn Road
-2496 5296 5855 Vesko's Pyramid End Portal (built by EnigmA_008)
-7168 2656 7644 broken/unlit
-7728 -2208 8037 broken/unlit
-3035 -7271 7879 1.19 portal
1953 -8416 8640 1.19 portal
10642 2749 10991 1.19 portal
9250 7422 11860 1.19 portal
508 10840 10852 1.19 portal
16758 -3369 17093 1.19 portal
17278 324 17281 1.19 portal
10810 12783 16741 1.19 portal
-2719 -20074 20257 1.19 portal
10163 20671 23034 1.19 portal

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