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2b2t's End Map

The End is one of the three possible dimensions that a player can travel to in the world of Minecraft. It is a vast void where the infamous ender dragon resides, where islands of end stone are as far as the eye can see, and where end cities are found. It is relevant to 2b2t due to the dimensions long history of backdoors.

2b2t's End Map as of Oct. 25th 2020
2b2t's End World Border (Aug. 31st 2017)
2b2t's End World Border (Aug. 31st 2017).

Pertaining to 2b2t

The End is the least populated and explored dimension of 2b2t.

In 2011 popbob and policemike55 had access to a backdoor, they used this to get access to every item in the game, including end portal frames. This resulted in them attempting to make a portal under the NFE. This failed as they didn't arrange the frames correctly, so they abandoned their plans.

The first Ender Dragon was killed by jdw99666, with help from some people from the NFE in early 2012. They got access to the end dimension after xcc2 stumbled upon a stack of end frames, and rebuilt an entire stronghold under the base to get it working. The Dragon Egg was also gathered during this time, and then duped. Hausemaster wasn't that happy about people illegally getting into the end, so he reset the entire thing. Very little is known about this ancient end, but it is known that Jacktherippa made his first end base during these times.

In 2013, xcc2 told Hausemaster about the '/regenerate' command, so he could regenerate chunks on 2b2t to spawn in ender portals. The second Ender Dragon (after the end reset) was killed by taylo112 on May 10th, 2013.[1] After the 1.9 update, Ender Dragons could now be spawned in. The third Ender Dragon was killed by Taylo112, iTristan and Clyde.

In 2015, Fit explored the southern reaches of the End via piston airships. As this was done before 1.9, the End was still empty and the chunks that generated in his flights remained empty to this day, cutting off several of the southern islands. One of the airships somehow kept moving when he fell off and only stopped after traveling 800 blocks over 10 minutes. In November of 2016, Argonaut2468 found the abandoned ship, tried to contact Fit and claimed it for himself once he didn't answer. He left a cobblestone memorial to the ship that drove Fit to travel to the End in 2020.

The End has always been a problematic issue on 2b2t, mainly for Hause, because of the rarity of portals. First of all, when the world was updated to 1.0, only three end portals were available in the entire world. Eventually, players found them all, and since during the really old days there were a variety of normal ways to destroy them (such as simply using TNT), they were all griefed. Additionally, portals themselves have been artificially created by players using hacks.

These issues have caused Hause to remove and re-enable the end multiple times, and in later years, to build and maintain end portals near spawn. Hause even destroyed portals himself in several instances, in order to ensure players did not reach the end when it was disabled. Hause's "official" end portals near spawn were removed and/or blocked off regularly, by players who used dragon eggs to delete portal blocks, and bedrock to cover them up. Eventually, he installed a plugin that would automatically replace any end portal blocks that were removed, and installed a plugin to make bedrock unusable by players so they couldn't use it to block off portals.

The End has been mostly barren and largely inaccessible for several years, leading to a relatively small population of players that have ever reached the end and an even smaller population of players that have ever lived in it. For a long time, most people didn't care much about the End, due to the dangers it posed, the lack of portals to reach it, and the general lack of content.

The main area where the Ender Dragon resides has been lavacasted, withered, and largely destroyed multiple times, with the damage growing constantly over the years and up to the present. However, despite the griefing, the central area of the End has mainly retained its former structure, with the end stone landscape still being largely visible and many of the obsidian pillars still being intact.

With the 1.9 update, the end was largely expanded, and this prompted a rush of exploration into the distant unloaded regions of the end in order to obtain Elytras and Chorus Fruits. Several skybases were abandoned and/or griefed because of this, including Space Valkyria and the DFC. When Shulker Boxes were added in 1.11, another rush of exploration occurred so everyone could get Shulker Shells, which was bigger and more heavily publicized due to the Rusher War happening at the same time.

In December 2019, a few players made a 300x255x300 water cube around end 0 0. The cube remained there for over 3 years before it was cleared out in February 2023 by the Moonshine group.


  • There have been two End dimensions in 2b2t history. The first was generated upon the release of 1.0, and very few records of it are known, except a few obscure YouTube videos. The second came in 2013 after Hausemaster wrapped up some maintenance of some sort. iTristan and several others killed the Ender Dragon.
  • Since the End has been occupied by players through all versions since its addition in 1.0, it is a strange mismatch of old and new end terrain generation. The central island has the randomly placed pillars that were originally generated in 1.0, plus the circular ring of pillars generated in 1.9 when the end was revamped. Both the portal originally created when the Ender Dragon was originally killed, and the new portal at the middle of the aforementioned ring of pillars, are present. There are large sections of totally empty sky in the space beyond the central island where players explored before 1.9, which abruptly transition to the post-1.9 network of floating land masses once you veer off the paths the original explorers took.
  • Many years ago, a glitch caused huge plains of flat bedrock to be generated along the bottom of the End. A number of bases were built on these bedrock plains.
  • On the bedrock plains, some players have written messages or symbols by breaking bedrock, for example Gsmack.
  • The first person to ever reach the End World Border was Armorsmith, who reached it via Elytra.
    A Isometric View of 2b2t's End Spawn, with the End Isles erased.