Empire's Edge

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Empire's Edge
EE 2b Capitol.png
Main capitol building.
TheDark_Emperor, blackcooper, GlowskiBroski, Soviet_Infidel, SlimeStoner, HolyBruhBrine, FallsGreen, diagoportion, Ericudo, Niftyrobo, rootbeerguy1212, Soloplayer88, MortAmos, Tyler_Coolman
Approx. GriefedLate 2019
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Empire's Edge was a base built by Emperium.

MortAmos' Manor (Incomplete Build)

File:MortAmos's Manor.png
Front view of MortAmos's Manor

MortAmos' manor is a green second empire themed style home that was situated upon an unfinished manmade hill. The manor is situated westward from the Capitol Building. Physical architecture details include: three main stories, Italian Style Porch front wrap, three planned turrets, mansard roof, dormers, and a five storey tower. Construction of the house began on the twenty-fifth of November during 2017. Majority of materials for the manor were manually harvested from the Northern Mesa, which soloplayer's railway connected to, and the North Eastern Desert across the bay.         The manor was originally abandoned once the front was completed due to academic and personal events in

File:Incomplete Areas.png
Incomplete areas

MortAmos's life. The other two walls were later begun due to later drama in Empire's Edge when Slimestoner stated MortAmos was too inactive, leading into a heated argument where MortAmos eventually decided to work on the manor again. Not long after working on the manor again, the Sixth Incursion was declared and MortAmos left Empire's Edge for spawn. After the disbandment of the Sixth Incursion, MortAmos did not get around to returning to Empire's Edge and was at spawn during the grief. 

Arrowhead (Built by Ericudo)

Around early February of 2017, the Emperium began designs and the creation of its first major base. Around the time, the Emperium had just begun to get its name out there with its new alliance with Singularity and only had around 20 active people in the group. Of these 20 people, only around 8 were invited to the base they deemed "Arrowhead" because of its arrow-like design. The build took around a week to get the main layout completed set up and the underground carved out, but many positive memories were made and the group found that bases were a very good way to bond with members.

"Arrowhead", a recreation of the first Emperium base
File:Arrowhead 2.0.png
The outer shell being built

In honor of Arrowhead, Emperium member Ericudo decided to build a slightly smaller version of it at Empire's Edge. Since the general layout was already understood, it took him only 5 hours to finish the entire shell, and while the entire build was never fully completed, it was a testament to how far the Emperium had come on its own.

The original Arrowhead lasted well after the fall of Empire's Edge, but was eventually griefed by jared2013 in late 2019.


Imgur album of Empire's Edge