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Elytra Item
The base Armorland was reached and constructed thanks to the usage of the Elytra.
The base Armorland was reached and constructed thanks to the usage of a single Elytra.

The Elytra is a well known Vanilla item that allows one to glide and fly around. It was disabled by Hausemaster in late September of 2017, as players were using it in combination with hacks like ElytraFly to lag the server by constantly loading new chunks. Elytra were also used for more ominous tasks like getting to places in the Overworld and End no one had, and doing so very fast. This is how all the Overworld World Border corners were reached, as well as in the End (Armorland). On the 14th of August, 2019, Hausemaster re-enabled the Elytra. This coincided with the patching of EntitySpeed and Bhop, so Elytras became a popular way of fast travel.

Since Elytra flying got popular, many clients added modules commonly called Elytra+ or ElytraFlight to make infinite flight possible and easy. Some of these clients are Impact, KAMI Blue, Future Client and Rusherhack

On September 3rd, 2020, Elytras were once again been disabled on the server, with reports of players being glitched in midair when attempting to use them even in Vanilla. Many clients claimed to have found a bypass, however this was not confirmed publicly. As such, travel around the server became more difficult, with players resorting to boatfly in order to make travel faster.

In January 2021, BoatFly was patched, and the usage of the Elytra is now possible and less glitchy.

ElytraFly Tutorial

NOTE: Some of these hacks, if not all of them, could be patched.


Link to the video that these instructions are written down from: https://youtu.be/Qy6Q2hCRU8g

Steps highlighted with " * " are extremely recommended but not entirely necessary provided the right conditions. Various individuals claim some steps (especially step 6) may cause Impact to bug or halt the elytra entirely unless avoided.

  1. Turn on Autowalk, set to Basic. *
  2. Set Elytra+ to Control, and set Base Speed to 6.33.
  3. In Elytra+, disable Auto Boost and Takeoff. *
  4. Set Timer to 0.33, and set a keybind. *
  5. Create a macro, and set the macro's keybind to the same keybind as Timer (macro can be located in impact settings when you click on esc). Set the macro the following text: .rotate pitch -0.5493163764476775999999
  6. Enable No Rotate. * NoRotate / AntiForceLook is patched on 2b2t as of the 21/04/20 patch
  7. Hit the keybind you set for your macro / timer and make sure Elytra+ is toggled.
  8. Jump, then activate your Elytra.

KAMI Blue:

Currently, Blue is the only client that can go up, aside from Future, but you have to use 3 different modules and toggle ElytraFlight on / off in Future. Here is a tutorial for going up using LookBoost.

  1. Enable ElytraFlight, switch the mode to Control and set it to "Defaults"
  2. Jump once
  3. Your Elytra is activated automatically, you can just fly now.
  4. If you can't understand these instructions, there is also another tutorial showing them in action.


  1. Configure your "Flight" hack settings using these commands: .flight glidespeed 0.0001, .flight speed 18. Make sure to also set flight mode to Creative and Anti Kick on.
  2. Configure your "Packet Fly" hack settings. Set mode to Factor, Factor to 1.0, Phase to full and Anti Kick on Currently Packet fly will kick you instantly.
  3. Activate Packet Fly and fly up a few blocks.
  4. Repeatedly jump until your Elytra enables
  5. Disable Packet Fly and enable Flight.

Rusher Hack:

  1. Press P to open the menu
  2. Click movement and then right click ElytraPlus
  3. Ensure 2b2t mode and then left click to enable the mod
  4. Jump and activate your elytra.