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"El servidor mas VIOLENTO y ANTIGUO de Minecraft!"
Approx. join dateSeptember 15th, 2017



ElRichMC is a Spanish YouTuber from Galicia, Spain. He is a very advanced technical and survival player and generally known in Spanish Minecraft events, such as his UHC. He is known for bringing an influx of new players, starting the "bean/taco invasion." His YouTube channel can be found here.

ElRichMC joined YouTube on March 17th, 2012 and has over 380 million total views on YouTube. His most popular video has gained over 2.2 million views, being his video about 2b2t his 3rd most popular video.

Future on 2b2t?

Obviously, no one can say for certain what ElRichMc will do in the future on the server, however, his video on 2b2t has gained well over 300,000 views with many fans calling for a series. ElRichMC stated that if he gets 250,000 views on his "oldest" server in minecraft video, then everyone can expect there will be a series. This goal has passed, but nothing planned by ElRichMC. A youtuber of his size could easily make a massive a group and quickly receive resources from fans and supporters.

In a recent Twitch stream, he mentioned that he had something planned for 2b2t, and told his fans that he thinks they are going to like it. Possibly in the stream "Terminando el Incinerador". He later promised not to return due to "racism" on the server.

Videos From or About ElRichMC