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JoinedJuly 24, 2021
BasesSolaris, Polaris, Stellaris, Sisterhood 1, Various SBA bases, Spoopyville
PastSpawn Builders Association, Astral Brotherhood, DonFuer

ed1ska (more commonly known as Edik) is a builder that joined in 2021.


ed1ska joined 2b2t on 24 July, 2021. He wandered spawn before meeting tryptacraft, with whom he built a starter base 300k out. Growing bored he first stopped playing a few weeks, then toured ruined bases. While at the Monastery, ed1ska met narnar, who invited him to Spawn Builders Association for a time. He was also temporarily a DonFuer member in 2021. He left to play Constantiam for several months, before returning to build with the Astral Brotherhood in 2022, first at Sisterhood 1, and later at Solaris, Polaris, and Stellaris, largely thanks to Osmobyte. Following the grief of Stellaris, ed1ska returned mostly to Constantiam. ed1ska throws a yearly Christmas party at spawn.[1][2]