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Eclipse, Operation Vacuum
"The Sun only shines when you know what the dark looks like." - oofplux
FoundedMarch 10, 2022
LeaderDirectors oofplux, BryceDey, and IronException
1st Eclipse

Eclipse is a group that runs large-scale spawn projects on 2b2t, started by yfua. Most notably, Eclipse constructed a large spawn project, known as the 1st Eclipse, from April 22, 2022 to May 11, 2022.



Eclipse was founded on March 10 2022 by yfua. The group was originally not a spawn project group. Instead, it was a small hangout server for the promotion of activities in spawn, like iPeanuts21's Spawn Fight Club. The group was closely allied with the Spawn Builder's Association, as yfua was highly ranked in SBA. Eclipse had several small bases at the time which were quickly abandoned in the coming weeks. On March 26 2022, after a short hiatus from the server, oofplux joined the Eclipse discord as a close friend of yfua. He and yfua had a discussion resulting in them both deciding that to revitalize 2b2t, spawn projects that attracted new players' attention would have to be created. A short while later, oofplux presented a project idea to yfua that became the 1st Eclipse.

1st Eclipse

Group Members during 1st Eclipse

After the initial project idea was pitched, oofplux added his friends IronException and Dawnfall_ to a groupchat regarding the project. IronException helped revise the project idea, and a couple weeks later, the project was set in stone. The group would, try to keep new players from escaping Nether spawn with a few tricks:

  1. exploiting Minecraft Nether Portal mechanics
  2. Adding additional layers on the obsidian roof of the Nether to prevent portals from spawning
  3. Building a wall at a 256 radius of Nether Spawn (to do this, the obsidian roof at y 120 was also extended from a 200 radius to a 256 radius).

The project had 125 total contributors, and 14 main contributors. The project in total took around 1 million obsidian, with the large majority of this being placed manually. Eclipse had many opponents, the main being Anti Eclipse led by maksitaxi. Because of this, the first Eclipse was never fully completed, however oofplux released a list of 400 players that were allegedly killed by members of Eclipse throughout the project. Yfua quit 2b2t shortly after the first Eclipse was completed, causing the directors to assume full leadership of the group.


The group purposely keeps a limited amount of members to maintain a tight knit community and an honest group of players. The group has 2 main ranks: Associate, and Prospect. Associate is the rank representing a fully fledged member, and Prospect is the group's candidate rank. There are also the Directors (oofplux, BryceDey, and IronException) who became the administrators of the group after yfua quit playing 2b2t.




Eclipse Ranks