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StatusInactive (as of 2023)
JoinedFebruary 4, 2020
BasesBespin, Various SBA Bases
GriefsBespin (Self-grief)
Alternative AccountsBigJuicyWiener, 2Balls2Testies
CurrentSpawn Builders Association, Spectrum Builders, Luminous Sandclave

EBSmc is a member of Spectrum Builders and contributed to the Spawn Bep.


Early History

EBSmc joined 2b2t with a friend on February 4th, 2020 after seeing Fit's video on TeamNoTrees,[1] finding appeal in 2b2t's anarchy-based community. However, his friend quickly lost interest, leaving him to explore the server on his own for about a month before becoming inactive.[Source?]

Luminous Sandclave

In mid-May 2021, EBSmc returned to 2b2t after seeing Fit's video about the reconstruction of the Valley of Wheat.[2] After traveling there, he met Vaspelli, who invited him to the Luminous Sandclave. He played intermittently in the following months, spending most of his time at the Valley of Wheat or programming.

After the initial Nocom 245k heatmap was released, he contributed to one of the first apps which enabled its easy analysis to calculate the locations of hot-spots displayed. [3] The quick adoption of this software netted Luminous Sandclave several hundred double chests of materials. The group went inactive after they completed their own rebuild of the Valley of Wheat in 2022.[4]


EBS co-founded Bespin with Mcmaestro979, HauseWasHere, and Splito on September 18, 2021.[5] The base was made in the end to protect from basehunters. It grew to include about half a dozen members before being leaked by Kanji on a livestream by Paulsteve007 about 3.5 months later, before being self-griefed by EBSmc and HauseWasHere.

Spawn Builders Association & Spectrum Builders

He later joined Spawn Builders Association and Spectrum Builders, and contributed to Bepitone software for game modifications.[6][7]

As of 2023, EBSmc currently has no logged activity, and has been absent from recent Spawn Builders Association events.