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StatusQuit - December 2022
JoinedApril 2021
BasesVarious SBA Bases, Nautilus, Poppy Town, Obsidian Isle, MoLaST, Stone Brick Sanctuary, Larptown, Helheim 2, Lidenbrock, Kekwtown, Durkaa's Farm, Sky Masons
GriefsSeveral Imperials Bases
TypeBase Hunter, Explorer, Exploiter
Alternative Accountsaakrud
PastSpawn Builders Association, Astral Brotherhood, The Collective

Durkaaqt (aka Durkaa) was a prolific base hunter that found Endtopia and caused its discovery. He was a high ranking member of Spawn Builders Association, Astral Brotherhood, and The Collective. He often sold stashes and items before quitting the server in mid 2022, returning in late 2022 to exit scam several long-term customers of his.


Early History

Durkaaqt joined 2b2t in April 2021 after seeing Raaanch's livestreams. He befriended PaulSteve007, who invited him to Spawn Builders Association. He began base hunting, spending over 2000 hours in under a year. In between base hunting and building with SBA, he also sold stashes and experimented with exploits. He discovered a Boatfly exploit utilizing h-clip which allowed him to travel at over 1000 km/h. While using this exploit, he discovered Endtopia. He was streaming in the SBA Discord server with the intention of finding a stash for the members of the group.[1] Endtopia was compromised when Im_Stexs, who was insiding SBA, gave the location to Moonshine.

Spawn Builders Association

After donating building materials to the Spawn Builders Association, he was invited into the group in October 2021 by PaulSteve007. He got along very well with the rest of the group, and quickly rose in ranks to become an admin in the group. He supplied much of SBA's materials as a result of his constant base hunting. He also led several important projects within the group, such as the so-called 'Guardians of the Galaxy' project, and also a conflict with the Imperials following the grief of Larptown called the Terracotta War. He also aided in the construction of the Squid Games 3.

Guardians of the Galaxy

The Guardians of the Galaxy was a project where participants protected End portals from being destroyed, as there was an exploit to remove them in early 2021. Durkaa came up with the idea of building massive obsidian cubes with portals inside, and bringing elder guardians to deter griefers from destroying the portals, which proved to be effective, although there were still periods where the End dimension was totally inaccessible due to the destruction of the portals.

Astral Brotherhood & The Collective

While apologizing for the leak of Endtopia in The Archive Discord server, he became acquainted with Joey_Coconut who invited him to Astral Brotherhood. Durkaa quickly rose in the ranks, becoming Celestium in the group in under two months. He built at many of the group's bases, including Nautilus, Poppy Town, Obsidian Isle, Helheim 2, Lidenbrock, Kekwtown, and Durkaa's Farm. He also introduced many former Imperials members into Astral after the Terracotta War, although they opted to migrate fully to The Collective. Durkaa became Inner Circle in the group after its foundation.

Departure from the Community

Becoming increasingly bored with base hunting, Durkaa became inactive on 2b2t in mid-2022. He returned in December of the same year to build with SBA, before also exit scamming several long-term customers of his and fully disappearing from the community.

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