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"hello you stupid retarded faggots"
Alternative Accountsrevilo268, oremongerfan2009, V_is_for_Victory
CurrentThe Vortex Coalition, Spawn Masons
PastOreMonger, KGB, Valkyria, Shenandoah

Drewbookman was an oldfag on 2b2t. He was known for being a member of Anatolia and the griefer of the original Valkyria. He was also present at Shenandoah, King's Landing and Kinograd Base. He later moved to Constantiam with OreMonger and several others. He joined the Vortex Coalition in 2018 but is currently inactive. He is the only known player who has been in every recognized incursion.


See also: Anatolia

One of the oldest continuous dramas/feuds on 2b2t is one concerning two past basemates: Sato86 and Drewbookman. The drama is about the grief of Anatolia. The base was griefed by Pyrobyte so that Sato86 and Pyrobyte could frame Drewbookman for the grief. This was done in response to Drewbookman wanting to claim the base for himself and him griefing parts of Valkyria.