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Drathader Skin.png
BasesInvictus II, Ironfarm Base, Block Game Mecca, Adamantium
Alt. AccountsSCH1Z0PHRENIC
PastInvictus Group, Spawn Masons, Shortbus Caliphate

Drathader is a newfag who joined 2b2t in the summer of 2016, following Rusher's video. He quickly rose up the ranks of multiple groups but was victim to many of his bases being destroyed and other incidents, causing him to become inactive repeatedly.


Following TheCampingRusher's video, he became a member of the Invictus Group, participating in most of their bases. As a result of this membership, he became good friends with Joey_Coconut, and the two often based together. Following the doxing of Slappnbadkids and the fall of Obliviscaris, Drathader went inactive for some time

BGM Group

He came back to spawnfag and become a member of Ironfarm Base in early 2017. He later joined the Spawn Masons and participated in Block Game Mecca. Beardler's grief of Mecca was heavily motivated by the theft of items from Drathader's museum in the base. Consequently, Drathader went inactive once again.

Beyond BGM

He came back in late 2020, and plays infrequently, although he participated in the 10th Incursion and based at Adamantium