The Autumn Drain

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The Autumn Drain
December 2020 render by Terbin
Inhabitants0Channy, 0yiqitozturk, Lunch_Katsu, BigGuD, bread_loafs, Breithan, Claropendio, ConnorMCAV, digandbuilder, futsin1, hinterhof, iAmZeiss, Joey_Coconut, kingoros, leijurv, Lunch_Katsu, Mike750lewis, Negative_Entropy, NetherRad, NotedPainter814, p_f, Rathause, thekneegar, Transparent_Lube, Truczii, Univercius[1]
LocationX:57,457 Z:70,265
StartedOctober 22, 2020
FinishedDecember 18, 2020
GriefedDecember 18, 2020
GriefersArmorsmith, Drain Gang (self-grief)
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The Autumn Drain was a base at the location of the late-2016 base The Drain, which first aimed to repair the base from its ruins, though eventually expanded to create a much larger base than The Drain was. Initiated by Vietnamese YouTuber 0Channy on October 22, 2020, many others joined the project, until the base was made public and griefed on December 18, 2020.


In October 2020, Vietnamese YouTuber 0Channy and his friend Lunch_Katsu began a project whose aim was to repair the entirety of the original Drain.[2] Initially working alone, they invited a few friends over. The base was found on November 26 by active player and YouTuber digandbuilder, who contacted Terbin, who in turn told the original builders Offtopia and willyroof about the rebuild. Many players were invited, and the base was vastly expanded beyond its original size, becoming the largest reconstruction project of a griefed base in 2b2t history. The SpawnMasons held a weekly lodge at the base, making some of their own additions during their stays. After BarrenDome was invited to the base, Armorsmith began to grief and spam the coordinates to the base, on December 18, 2020. After fighting Armorsmith and his followers, the rest of the Drain Gang destroyed the rest of the base in a self-grief.

Drain Gang

Members of the SpawnMasons, Guardsmen, Shortbus Caliphate, Infinity Incursion, Armorsmith's Followers, Acadia, and Monolith were present at the base, contributing to its massive size. These players coalesced into a group called the Drain Gang. It represented the builders of the Autumn Drain trusted enough to be added to its private discord server. Drain Gang later built a short-lived project called 'The Fleet', which built a fleet of ships at a different location. Drain Gang members participated in a number of projects afterwards, such as the Rat House, before going inactive, or participating in Linked Horizon or Astral Brotherhood.



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