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JoinedJuly 2017
BasesDonFuer 20, DonFuer 21, DonFuer 10, Adamantium, Mediano, Time Valley Base, many small DonFuer bases
CurrentDonFuer, PVG
PastVortex Coalition, Highland, Azerian Federation, 0Neb Appreciation Group, Guardsmen, Shortbus Caliphate

dragonworm is a player who joined in July 2017 and is known for helping to lead DonFuer.


In July 2017, dragonworm joined 2b2t with his real life friend MikelAx7. The two joined during the 1.12 Temp map, and became members of Highland. During this time, they would create their first base, known as Time Valley Base. In September, dragonworm left Highland and leaked a spawnbase of theirs. He then joined DonFuer in September 2017, after meeting D_loaded through a YouTube stream. During Decemeber 2017, dragonworm joined the Vortex Coalition. He participated in multiple small DonFuer bases, until he founded his own group with MikelAx7, known as the Azerian Federation. He left the Vortex Coalition, as they forced him to either disband his group, make it a subsidiary to VoCo, or to leave. dragonworm built a base known as Castle Rock for the group, which was later griefed because Smackattack86 was there. Due to the 6th incursion, he left 2b2t until August 2020. Returning with the intention of continuing DonFuer on 2b2t, dragonworm built at several DonFuer bases, the most notable one being DonFuer 20. It was at this time he joined the 0Neb Appreciation Group and the Shortbus Caliphate. Through the Shortbus Caliphate, he joined the Guardsmen discord and built at such bases as Adamantium, Mediano, and others. dragonworm became a Guardsman in June 2021 at the The Homeland.

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