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JoinedJanuary, 2017
BasesRhodes, Valinor, Rat House
PastEmperium, Armorsmith's Followers, Shortbus Caliphate

Drachenstien is a builder that joined in January of 2017.


Early Months

Drachenstien joined the server in January 2017, after hearing about it through a friend on a factions server. He made a base around 100k out with a few other players, it was quickly griefed by WomenAreObjects. All of Drachenstien's basemates promptly quit. Not knowing how to use hacks, he walked to 1 million blocks out, using the nether highway. It was here that Drachenstien made another base, called Orelia, and met Flick3r, who invited him to the Emperium. After seeing how all the factions interacted with each other, Drachenstien decided to make a base not associated with any of them. Trading househousehouse1 for tnt, Drachenstien used it to clear out a large cavern for his new base with Niftyrobo. While there, Drachenstien met Antius777, who left his base to him while he left for a several year hiatus from the server to learn martial arts in China. doctrzombie found Antius777's base and performed a base tour.[1][2] Antius777 wished Drachenstien well, and has not been seen since early 2017.

Return to Spawn

Following the departure of Antius777, Drachenstien again met up with Flick3r, who supplied him with the beginnings of a small fortune, including such things as gold apples, spawners, and enchanted diamond armor. Over the next couple months, Drachenstien traded himself into a king's ransom of wealth, he became a respected, well-connected spawn area resident.

Meeting jared2013

Drachenstien was invited to a spawnbase, called The Pennydropper, where he met jared2013, who signed a book for him, saying "Drachenstien is better then Tenderhart" and "Tenderhart is a fag." Flying around spawn a little later, Drachenstien ran into D4RKJ0E, who said his famous catchphrase, "ur mum is a ram". Thinking D4RKJ0E was a new player, and not, in fact, jared2013, Drachenstien attempted to troll D4RKJ0E, boxxing him in cobblestone for a time. Upon realizing D4RKJ0E's identity, Drachenstien brought him to the Pennydropper. jared2013 revealed that it was his old spawn base. He was not pleased that it had a become a so-called "newfag flea market."


In July of 2017, jared2013 invited Drachenstien, KhanTusion, pYr01v1aniac to help repair his old spawnbase at 666,666 which he called "JaredTown".[3] The group quickly attracted many other players until there was about 20 in the immediate vicinity of the place. The Peacekeepers began to attack, but the group at JaredTown put up a cohesive defense, even though much of the town was lavacasted over about two days. This changed when a lone player within the defense of JaredTown suicide bombed and killed several players. The whole area descended into chaos. The whole base was destroyed while jared2013 and Drachenstien looked on.

We can dance if we want to

In October of 2017, as a result of the announcement that veteran queue would be removed, Drachenstien offered to the 2b2t community that he would pay queue for 2 months for some oldfaggots.[4][5] In all, he gifted 2 months of free queue to 11 people, the names being:

Drachenstien was doxxed for his generosity, but followed through with the 2 months anyway, even offering to expand the group to include:

His actions were overall well received by most of the community.


After the fall of JaredTown, jared2013 invited Drachenstien to Rhodes, which had been handed to jared for safekeeping when its residents, friends of jared2013's, had left the server. It was, however, not to last. Parthicus found the base one night when no one was on, and stole all of the gear stored there from the Stacked Item Dupe. Demoralized, the members destroyed the base. Drachenstien took a several month long hiatus. Upon returning, Drachenstien took part in a variety of small projects, most notably, Endirt Island in the End, with _m_o_t_h_r_a_.

Friendship with Sniper231996

In the Fall of 2017, Drachenstien returned to spawn, where he met Sniper231996. Sniper231996 quickly invited him to Sniper's Peaceful Island where they became good friends. Drachenstien was later invited to Valinor. In October of 2018, Drachenstien was elected vice-president of Armorsmith's Followers, before being removed from office. Drachenstein 2b2t increasingly intermittently, although he later based at Rat House in 2021.