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Don Maximus was a DonFuer base founded by Max1mumChr1s and Traveeseemo, and was the largest mid-rank base in the group's history.

Don Maximus
InhabitantsMax1mumChr1s, Traveeseemo, Tanzinator, D_loaded, Lukent, N8TT, WalnutLikesPine, Senko_Foxx, knullsidor, Darkomier, Phosph0lipid, Tortured Cosine, IAmZeiss, JoetheBlu3, MuskWizard, VaydenPayne, NamoFX, ko8efanboy, Godroster, injoystoday2, FireCatinBlack, IronException, NIGHTRUNNER, _xque, Bossman1, _Pr1sm
LocationX:-219,685 Z:469,836
StartedMarch 31, 2023
FinishedJuly 7, 2023
GriefedJuly 7, 2023
GriefersTeutonic Order
World download
LinkNot Available


At the end of March 2023, after some significant changes in Donfuer's security measures, Max1mumChr1s was put incharge of his own mid-rank DonFuer base. He worked together with Traveeseemo to choose a location far enough away from spawn that they would feel safe. They wanted a location that had a diverse grouping of biomes so they could have a lot of diversity of build styles at the base.

When the base began, the two main areas that were quickly worked on were the classic medieval area and a western themed area that Traveeseemo built. Max1mumChr1s added a UFO flying above the Western Area to complete it and add some fun themed builds to it. They would expand the medieval area to include a large village with many houses that Traveeseemo and D_loaded built, as well as several larger houses that Max1mumChr1s built. A large castle was constructed by Max1mumChr1s and knullsidor, and WalnutLikesPine built a large tower on the hill next to the river and a large church as well.

Godroster was invited to the base, and constructed one of his classic "Cookie Shacks" at the base. This gave Max1mumChr1s the idea to construct a Sandstone area of the base next to this cookie shack.

The base continued to expand, with a dock area that was constructed by Max1mumChr1s and knullsidor, and several large boats that were built in the swamp by members of the base. Senko_Foxx constructed the massive farm themed area in the southern area of the base, with a large obsidian pyramid and a massive temple style build being constructed. VaydenPayne built another village area of the base in the southern side near Senko's farm, and many small and medium builds were constructed to connect the various areas of the base.

Max1mumChr1s and D_loaded built a small modern area of the base with several large towers in it.

Other builders in Donfuer were invited to the base and would contribute to it, adding large and small builds of their own styles.

Many members of Donfuer would use Don Maximus as a place to experiment with different building styles so they could grow as builders.

During the time of the base's construction, Max1mumChr1s invited many members of other groups to the base including the WaterWay Union, Spectrum Builders, Spawn Builders Association, The Imperials, and others. This was in an effort to improve relationships with other groups who had a somewhat negative view of Donfuer.

Max1mumChr1s also hosted a 6-Month Anniversary event at the base for the WaterWay Union. For the event, Max1mumCh1s constructed a full scale replica of the Southern Canal at the base, complete with infrastructure that was being built on the canal such as water spouts and bridges. This event saw many trusted members of the WaterWay Union visit the base, as well as building their own builds at the base.

Destruction & Aftermath

In the beginning of July 2023, Teutonic Order arrived at the base in the early hours of the day. Only Muskwizard was online when they showed up. They griefed the base to a crater, and the building stash was stolen by Xsupergo08. This caused a great deal of drama within the ranks of Donfuer, since it was unknown who leaked the base.

After the griefing of Don Maximus, members of the base began to debate who had leaked the base to Teutonic Order. Max1mumChr1s began to have many issues with Ko8efanboy following the grief, accusing him of being responsible for the leak. Max1mumChr1s subsequently leaked one of Ko8efanboy's stashes publicly. He was demoted in DonFuer, however has since regained trust of leadership.

It was thought at the time that Bossman1 leaked the coordinates to Teutonic Order, and gave the coordinates of the building stash to xsupergo08. Bossman1 was one of the only members of the base to have helped move the building stash from the base.

It was revealed later by a high ranking member of Teutonic Order that Ko8efanboy was in fact the leaker of the base, which confirmed suspicions of several members of Donfuer that the base had been leaked by him.

Nearly every member of Don Maximus that remained in Donfuer would become a high-ranking member of the group.

This base can be visited on The Archive (server)

Builds and Architecture

There were many large and significant builds constructed at Don Maximus. Some of the more notable builds included the large centerpiece castle that was constructed by Knullsidor, and Max1mumChr1s. This was hand designed by Knullsidor and was built by both Max1mumChr1s and Knullsidor.

Castle at Don Maximus

There was also the Large Pyramid that was built by Senko Foxx. This Pyramid was constructed completely out of obsidian, and then covered in stone brick, and it had a massive maze built within it with many hidden rooms throughout. Next to this pyramid was constructed a very large farm area with a Large Standing Temple that could be seen above all the other builds around it.

Senko_Foxx's Pyramid at Don Maximus

WalnutLikesPine constructed a massive Church at the base which would be actually cause some drama with base members since it was facing away from the center of the base instead of towards it.

Additionally, Knullsidor constructed "The Temple of the Sea Lantern" in the Swamp area of the base. This massive build was Knullsidor and Max1mumChr1s' passion project as they had an inside joke about it.

Max1mumChr1s would spend a week carving a canal from one end of the base to the other on the northern end of the base through the Mesa Biome from the swamp to the desert. This was in reference to Max1mumChr1s' time with the WaterWay Union, where he was a trusted member. He wanted to have a replica of the canal at the base, and a full scale canal matching the size, depth, and full design of the canal was built at the base.

WaterWay Union event at the base


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