Don Blåhaj

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Don Blåhaj
"I want to see the shark, did you get the shark?" - D_loaded
A render of Don Blåhaj
InhabitantsMetalbunny, Centxuri, D_loaded, SkiHatDuckie, codysmile11, CynicalHell, ReligiousGilf, joeyjumper94, Miiver
Location(-94697, 67929)
StartedSeptember 25 2022
GriefedNovember 4 2022
GriefersBackstreet Boys And Dima788
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Don Blåhaj was a spawnbase built by DonFuer in September 2022. It was originally meant to be a recruit base, but was later visited and inhabited by several high-ranking members, such as D_loaded, Darkomier, and Lukent. It was originally led by Metalbunny, but leadership was transferred over to Centxuri towards the end of the base's life.



Before Don Blåhaj, Metalbunny was assigned as one of the few "Scout Managers" for DonFuer's series of spawnbases, dubbed "SpawnFuers", with the purpose of vetting recruits. After s2-b was destroyed, Metalbunny established the next base in the semi-alphanumerical system. This base was named "s2-ba", and was themed around medieval fantasy and magic. Many days passed with a large amount of player-activity at the base, and so it was renamed to "Don Blåhaj" after a group vote on the matter. By giving a SpawnFuer a formal name, it is given more security and freedoms that other SpawnFuers usually do not have. The name "Don Blåhaj" is a plain reference to the blue shark plushie produced and sold by IKEA which is called Blåhaj.


In mid-October 2022, one of the base members made an in-game map of the town center, unknowingly causing it to be displayed on rebane2001’s mapart site[1]. This opened the base up to being terrain exploited. The members chose to continue building at the base. Over the next few weeks, activity declined, and the base was griefed November 4, 2022 by Dima788 and members of the Backstreet Boys.


The base’s theme was Medieval Fantasy, which led to the construction of the town center and slums being medieval, and a large, obsidian dragon built behind them. The base started to expand more behind the dragon, which prompted the addition of a shark statue near the water.


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