DonFuer 27

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DonFuer 27
InhabitantsTraveeseemo, Phosph0lipid, Metalbunny, Lukent, N8TT, Senko_Foxx, knullsidor, Max1mumChr1s, hotpandalovin504, Glubtubbis, D_loaded, JoetheBlu3, Toska, FIRECATinBLACK, Warske, a1fastyellowgto, WalnutLikesPine, Darkomier
StartedJuly 26, 2023
FinishedJanuary 22, 2023
GriefedJanuary 21, 2023
World download
LinkNot Available

Donfuer 27, originally named Aledondria, was a base started by Traveeseemo and Phosph0lipid, and was the first Greco-Egyptian themed base constructed by Donfuer.


After the destruction of Don Maximus and other scout bases, Traveeseemo and Phosph0lipid set out to set up a new base for trusted Scouts and Rangers. A majority of members within DonFuer no longer wanted WalnutLikesPine at their bases due to several minor but annoying security breaches occurring due to Pine's actions such as sending ship deliveries to the base and opening portals too close to the base. Traveeseemo felt bad for Pine and opted to invite him to the base so that he would feel included despite many members feeling he deserved to be kicked.

To give everyone a place to go quickly, Traveeseemo scouted the location on the Minecraft seed generator (when the 2b2t seed was public). He wanted to make a desert base, which was a style that had only been done once before by Donfuer on 2b2t. Traveeseemo noticed that in the center of a desert was an ocean monument, which after he arrived to the base, found that it held seven Elder Guardians. Traveeseemo wanted to test an "unraidable stash" idea where the guardians would protect an obsidian cube with mining fatigue. Since the area contained a vast desert and interesting waterways, the location was chosen and the coordinates were sent to the new members with no prior preparation.

Pine arrived first and quickly set up a sign board next to the water. Traveeseemo, Phosph0lipid, Senko_Foxx and knullsidor arrived shortly after and established the main base area with roads and two temples close to the water. Max1mumChr1s began building after the 2b2t update and built the first house in 1.19.4 in the main base area. Senior Donfuer members came and built at the base, adding to the main area. These members included D_Loaded, N8TT, Lukent, Warske and JoetheBlu3. Toska (leader of The Collective) created a schematic of an obelisk that went to world height which was completed by him and knullsidor.

Hotpandalovin504 was added in winter 2023 and he established an impressive large temple in the shape of a wither with water fountains and foliage.

Around this time, Pine, after a period of inactivity, was frustrated with mining fatigue while building along shore. Not realizing the plan for the unbreachable stash, he went and killed all 7 elder guardians in the 50x50 hole dug by Traveeseemo. Members of the base became frustrated with Pine because of this. Due to this negligence, Pine was demoted from Man-at-Arms to Ranger and told to replace the guardians. Pine unsuccessfully tried to replace the guardians and other members grew frustrated with the rails littering the base area which would appear in the periodic world downloads.

Glubtubbis was added shortly after Panda in winter 2023, and he built a large temple and path next to a giant pyramid. Sona began designing interiors for much of the main base area while the rest of the members expanded across the coastline. The base expanded to encircle the entire ocean biome in the middle of the base, as well as expanded in every direction around the base.

As the base continued to grow, many farms were constructed around the base to allow for useful materials to be obtained more easily such as a large iron farm and a barter farm in the Nether. These were used by members of the base to obtain rare and useful materials for the base.

Destruction & Aftermath

In late January, 2024, a Senior Donfuer member noticed a base for sale in the 2b2t marketplace. After an investigation they found out that Pine was attempting to sell the coordinates to Donfuer 27 for $200. The members quickly began wrapping up their builds and fixing issues, designing interiors and trying to buy time. Pine was kicked from Donfuer and the members chose to release the base to the public through a livestream. A few explorers came to visit the base in its pristine condition after which it was griefed by SBA.

Builds and Architecture

Most prominent at the base were the two large pyramids that were constructed by Phospholipid and Traveeseemo. The smaller of the two was a futuristic pyramid that was constructed by Phosph0lipid, while the larger of the two was a more traditional pyramid that Traveeseemo built.

Multiple large temples were built at the base. The Temple of the Sea Lantern was built by Knullsidor near the ocean, while Traveeseemo built the large temple and courtyard in the central area of the base. Knullsidor built another large and elaborate temple next to Traveeseemo's, which was credited by members of the base as one of the best builds there.

D_loaded worked with Phosph0lipid to build many large towers along the coastline to fill the area, desiring for their to be a diverse assortment of builds at the base.


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