DonFuer 25

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DonFuer 25
InhabitantsD_loaded, Lukent, NamoVFX, a1fastyellowgto, Darkomier, Phosph0lipid, N8TT, Volker1, Dongster, FuriousFish, Bonk, PenguinBagels, xBlaze, IOSL, Joetheblue, Alexkooj, skyisweird1042, Deathstar784, iAmZeiss, Centxuri, Simp_Police, JackPadge, Warske, MaxHalloway, Metalbunny, Toska
Location2121204, 285238
StartedAugust 12, 2022
GriefedNovember 19, 2022
World download
LinkNot Available

Donfuer 25 was a base founded on August 12, 2022, by Donfuer, following the completion of the group's Aureus City Rebuild project. The base's design was a departure from the group's usual style, being a modern city divided into various districts. Prior to its destruction, it was one of the largest player made cities on the server.


Groundbreaking and construction

Construction began on August 13th, 2022, after NamoVFX first arrived at the location and quickly began building the first seawalls. More members arrived and began building over the following days, and the pace in construction increased significantly. Next to the signboard, an Aureus City Rebuild Commemoration tower was built by D loaded, as well as a McDonald's Restaurant. DonFuer 25 had multiple districts, including a financial district based on New York City designed by Warske, a casino district based on Fallout New Vegas designed Darkomier, and a futuristic district designed by Phosph0lipid. A suburban district was later added, built in part by N8TT and Joetheblue. The suburban district contained a row of townhouses, a seawall with walkways, a skate park, an abandoned plantation house, and many suburban-styled houses. All houses were built with no interiors, a staple of DonFuer's building style. The activities in the suburban district mirrored those of the downtown district, with space being occupied quickly, causing NamoVFX to terraform a sizable amount of new buildable space to accommodate the expansion. This cycle continued throughout the base's lifetime. An underground metrosystem was built by Darkomier and Alexkooj to connect all key locations of the base. The digging of the subway also helped collect materials for the base. Each main district had a station that connected to all other area through a railway system, increasing the efficiency of the team. It took roughly one week to finish the digging and building. The final district was comprised of a park, a harbor, a theme park, and several high-rise buildings.


Attacks on the Southern Canal—whose builders DonFuer had allied with—as well as grander plans for the city and recent visits by Centxuri and 2b2t_, spurred increased activity and fears of a potential grief. This increased activity resulted in one builder spending less time with his girlfriend (nicknamed "Lucie"), who had access to the base's coordinates and was versed in 2b2t's culture. On November 18, 2022, Lucie leaked the coordinates of the base to multiple groups, including the Backstreet Boys and Fifth Column. Taking honor in their base, DonFuer destroyed the base the following day, in a process that took several hours.


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