DonFuer 21

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DonFuer 21
Donfuer 21
InhabitantsI_tri, iAmZeiss, D_loaded, Dragonworm, volker1, Nyxis, Banana_On_2b2t, KarixWolf, _Alfie05__, skyiswierd1042, Restiveness, _recks, y_a_t_a, 1skew, Saznag.
LocationX 403407, Z 3189031
StartedFebruary 10, 2021 (three years ago)
GriefedJune 01, 2021 (three years ago)
GriefersTeam Rocket
World download
LinkNot Available

DonFuer 21 was a base built by DonFuer from February 10th, 2021, until its destruction on June 1st, 2021. It featured a variety of modern-themed builds and was primarily located on a mushroom island.


Following the destruction of DonFuer 20, the group's newest elder, iAmZeiss offered his inactive base, Deepwater Horizon, to become the site of the next DonFuer. After getting the approval of his other base mates, the DonFuer members began to arrive at the base and expanded the base throughout the summer. The base featured a modern style, a departure from DonFuer's other builds.

One of the base members was token logged and the base was leaked to Team Rocket, leading to its grief on June 1st, 2021.