DonFuer 20

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DonFuer 20
DonFuer 20.png
StartedOctober 27, 2020 (1 year ago)
FinishedMarch 10, 2021 (two months ago)
D_loaded, dragonworm, Banana_on_2b2t, RageMach1ne, saznag, aodrael, _Patchess, 1skew, iAmZeiss, Zetrax999, ItsParkerYT, Restiveness, HURTLOCKERBECK, KarixWolf, Joey_Coconut, Spartan4200, speedyeli, and others.
-346362 61923
Approx. GriefedMarch 13, 2021 (two months ago)
Griefersyizd, averil
World Download
Available on The Archive

DonFuer 20 was a base built by DonFuer from October 2020 to March 2021.


DonFuer 20 was founded upon dragonworm's return from a break from 2b2t. The base was sparsely populated, with D_loaded being the only builder for a while. The base quickly had its first crisis, when former DonFuerian aodrael left the group, while he had coordinates to the base. He then founded his new group’s cache, The New Order, less than 10k away from DonFuer 20 that eventually moved. The second threat of getting leaked was when TheDem1urge leaked the DonFuer Quartz project, eventually getting kicked out of DonFuer, and leaving 2b2t as a whole. DonFuer then rebuilt the Quartz Pyramid, which was designed by KarixWolf and D_loaded, at the base. This construction of the Quartz Pyramid was mostly undertaken by saznag, 1skew, RageMach1ne, and KarixWolf. The final leak of the base was by Zetrax999, which occured because he posted a picture of an argument he had gotten into with SpawnMason member Negative_Entropy, which unbeknownst to him had coordinates in it, in a public chat. This resulted in the Spawnmasons (including Breithan, Todarac, RainAura, and others) coming to the base and building various builds with the intention of angering D_loaded, in retaliation for the COVID-2147 grief. The base was anonymously leaked on reddit under the pseudonym 'largebob3' (which many Spawnmasons assert to be D_loaded), and griefed. Following the grief, rebane2001 typed the entirety of the popular fanfiction Fallout: Equestria on (about 55,000) signs on a path leading away from the base.

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