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DonFuer 10 was a base built mainly by D_loaded, HermeticLock, and Surviverkiller (but also many others) throughout December of 2016 and January of 2017, as part of the group DonFuer. It was leaked by Coltsnid on January 14, 2017, and then subsequently griefed by Babbaj; only a few hours after the grief, BarrenDome uploaded a tour of the base on YouTube which can be viewed here.

DonFuer 10
"The Capital of 2b2t"
InhabitantsD_loaded, HermeticLock, Surviverkiller, mcbain_epic, Whygoodboyg, BlackRoseBunny, Salamander27, and others
StartedDecember 11, 2016
FinishedJanuary 14, 2017
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From the time of its founding, the 10th DonFuer was mainly constructed by the original crew, D_loaded, HermeticLock, and Surviverkiller. Towards January, many others came to work on the base, as many as 15 at some points (some of which did not build anything at the site). It was D_loaded and HermeticLock's plan to get prominent Vortex Coalition members at the base and use it to launch their 2b2t careers, but the plan turned sour as internal issues led to Coltsnid leaking the coordinates after a short while. Other players, such as Offtopia, were going to arrive at the base, but it was griefed before it could happen.

Base members included D_loaded, HermeticLock, Surviverkiller, mcbain_epic, Whygoodboyg, BlackRoseBunny, Salamander27, and others. A now-unlisted tour by HermetickLock shows the base and the destruction there after it was leaked.

In 2020, DonFuer 10 was somewhat rebuilt and remodeled, with multiple new buildings and additions to existing structures and roads. Unfortunately, due to the Phobos backdoor, it was griefed after a week, not being fully completed.
December 23, 2016, screenshot of DonFuer members at the base before VoCo's arrival

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