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"BSB Tech Support"
JoinedSeptember 2019
BasesSpergClub, 1 Manning Street, sperg club 2 Mercatraz
GriefsGysdall, Azuros 3, New Lugdunum, SpawnFuer 15, EX Amino, Z+ World Border Base, Alpha Town, SBA 49, SBA 50, New Castle, LosGar 8, SunKnights recruit base, Quartz Gardens, SBA 51, Blue Castle The Beneath The Above
Alternative AccountsBSBTechSupoort
CurrentBackstreet Boys Cult of MER

DokiMin (often shortened to simply Doki) is a griefer, base/stash hunter, and a longtime member of the Backstreet Boys.


Early History

DokiMin joined 2b2t on September 29th, 2019 after seeing AntVenom's video and related media on reddit.[1] Throughout the rest of 2019, DokiMin played solo and wasn't part of any groups.

In mid-2020, Doki befriended Digandbuilder, which later resulted in Doki joining the Backstreet Boys. In late 2020, Doki had drama with Infinity Incursion which resulted in an Infinity Incursion member posting images of Doki's face in the Infinity Incursion discord server. DokiMin took a short break from 2b2t.

Membership in Backstreet Boys

DokiMin returned in March 2021, becoming a permanent member of the Backstreet Boys due to his friendship with Digandbuilder after basing at SpergClub. He ranked up very quickly from Recruit, becoming Mandem in February 2022. Throughout the year, he participated in griefs on Gysdall, Azuros 3, New Lugdunum, and Alpha Town, among other bases.[2][3] Doki also hunted stashes for much of the year. In January 2023, he solo griefed the Z+ world border base.[4]