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JoinedMarch 3, 2013
BasesFort Dick, Radius, Block Game Mecca

Doctrzombie is a midfag and one of the earliest YouTubers present on the server, having videos dating back to March of 2013. He is best known for his series Advanced Minecraft: 2b2t - The World's Worst Server.


Doctrzombie joined 2b2t on March 3, 2013. His video, titled "Advanced Minecraft Presents: 2b2t - the world's worst server," didn't gain as much traction as he would eventually get, but got positive feedback. His second video, titled Advanced Minecraft: 2b2t - Surviving the worst of humanity - Episode 2, gained him much attention and he swiftly became the known YouTuber of 2b2t. For the years preceding June 1, 2016, Doctrzombie was a well-known and friendly presence on the server, and for a long time he was the only true YouTuber on the server, as the all other players that posted youtube videos (such as Fit and Sato) didn't do so with any regularity, as Doctrzombie did. He created a long video series spanning ten seasons over three years that featured him building, exploring, and surviving on 2b2t.

His YouTube videos had won him many allies, and he was often the force that drew players to the server. During the Rusher War, he allied with Team Veteran and cooperated with Fit.

Doctrzombie and Fit did a collaborative stream on September 17th, 2016, fighting around spawn with others including NedaT, xPandaMCx and Babbaj. During this stream they build Fort Dick, a small building in spawn and defended it against invaders. Fort Dick was eventually destroyed.

Sometime later, Doctrzombie announced he was going to 'Make Fort Dick Great Again', referencing US President Donald Trump's famous slogan. He even made a map art for it and went to spawn to rebuild, only to discover the area was heavily withered and rebuilding was near impossible.

On the 2016 April Fools' temp map, Doctrzombie built Fort Dick 2.0 alongside many others.

In January of 2021, doctrzombie announced that he would stream 2b2t for the last time. He logged in at Radius and left a book named "Coronavirus" and all of his gear including his ender chest contents. He returned to spawn and met a few players in the nether before logging off. Since the stream, he had an hour long stream about his views on the server and why he won't pay for it. He has also logged on in March for an hour long stream.


  • Doctrzombie has said several times in his videos (including his stream with Fit) that on the day Rusher arrived on 2b2t (June 1, 2016) he had recorded a video announcing his retirement from 2b2t. He decided to stay on 2b2t due to the ensuing war
  • In Doctrzombie's Youtube series Advanced Minecraft - 2b2t - S2 Ep8 (17:48), you can see in chat that he receives a private message from the 2b2t admin saying: [Server] You are 100% real

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Doctrzombie has made numerous videos about 2b2t since his arrival in March 2013. His videos mostly consist of him exploring the server, looking at the various builds around Spawn, and visiting some bases as well him building his own. His series is divided up into Seasons. At the time of writing, Doctrzombie is currently on Season 11 of his series.