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JoinedSeptember 2020
BasesMidLands, Kekwtown, Easter Island, SpawnFuer 21, Fort Yata, Blackhaven, Pollux, Spawnfuer 25, SBA 31, SBA 33, SBA 34, The Spike, SBA 52, Fort Concord
GriefsWhite Claw, SpawnFuer 24, Sphynx Sanctuary, Catnip Cliffs, Rift, Sky Masons, Azuros 3, Stone Brick Sanctuary, Rainbow Road, Polaris, Sba 42, Sba 45, Sba 46, Sba Christmas, Paradise Valley, Fuer Fuer, Don Darko, Don Blahaj, Skylights Haven, Donfuer Halloween Event v2, Sba Halloween event v2, NSO, Fort Popbob, Castle Hatehart 2023 Rebuild, SBA 41, SBA 44, Pitfight 14, SBS Spawnbase, Chalice, Watercube base, Waterchunk, Bunkfuer, Chesterburg, Taiyo, Stellaris, Unnamed Astral Brotherhood Moonshiner Base, Spawnfuer s2 a, Loo Loo Lodge 5, Exodus 2019 Rebuild, Don Westeros, Sun Knights Recruit base, June 10th event, Sancus1 Base, Jelooboi Base
Alternative AccountsDima78
CurrentTeam Dima, Teutonic Order
PastMew Revolution, DonFuer, Eclipse, Spawn Builders Association, Overworld Highways Assocation, The Imperials, The Gulag, The Fifth Column, New Facepunch Republic, Independent Interstate Society,Outlast

Dima788 is a griefer on 2b2t. He also often leads short-lived revivals of various groups, often with no ties to the respective original groups.


Dima joined the server in September 2020. He tended to spend his time visiting old base ruins and participating in New Facepunch Republic and Independent Interstate Society, without being particularly active in them. In January 2021 Dima became inactive until he returned in February 2022. In the following months, Dima started a variety of miscellaneous projects, such as attempted rebuilds of ZiggyBase and Point Nemo, and also spawnbases like 'Midlands', all of which were short-lived. Dima briefly participated in Astral Brotherhood at Kekwtown before being removed from the group in April 2022 over a distaste for his building. He then started a group called the Overworld Highway Association, that attempted to build an obsidian highway all around the Spawn Watercube. After MAC_TONIGHT_ and cpybara griefed Inferno HQ, a spawnbase owned by one of his group revivals, he entered into sustained conflict with Astral Brotherhood. His continued persual of those conflicts resulted in him being kicked from DonFuer while he was at SpawnFuer 21, which he subsequently griefed. He was removed from Mew Revolution after his drama with Astral, DonFuer, and his behavior within Mew. He's since griefed various spawnbases and recruit bases of the various groups he has previously been a member of, such as DonFuer's SpawnFuer 25, SpawnFuer 26 and Don Darko, Mew Revolution's White Claw base, and Astral Brotherhood's Rift. As a result of these activites he became a member of the Fifth Column, and participated in the grief of Sky Masons. Dima has also started a variety of short-lived spawnbases that he invited many players to, such as Blackhaven and Pollux. In September 2022, Dima was interviewed on The DigCast.[1] Dima would countine griefing with the Fifth Column until he was kicked from the group on February 5th 2023 for refusing to leak coordinates to the Connect 4 event. After this he started focusing on rebuilding old friendships he had with players/groups including SBA and Astral Brotherhood. On April 10th Dima received a Discord dm from Snippykegan_ A member in the Astral Brotherhood Offering him coordinates to their main base called Dubrovnik in exchange for priority queue, Dima refused this offer and messaged Astral Leadership about the offer and they thanked him and proceeded to self grief Dubrovnik. He would later build at SBA 52 after being invited by leadership. In November 2023, Dima would go under an alt on discord and try to rat DonFuer high ranking members.

A screenshot of MidLands from Dima788's perspective