Democratic Republic of 2b2t

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Democratic Republic of 2b2t
Democratic Republic Emblem
FoundedAugust 2018
Disbandment20 October, 2018


The Democratic Republic of 2b2t was conceived in late August 2018 by Gambino and MegaAlphaVulcan, allegedly as a response to an increasing distaste towards autocratic, drama-filled groups. Gambino devised a group with an oligarchical structure, and began inviting players en-masse from throughout the server to form a voter base. Many players joined, the group quickly expanded. A constitution was hastily-written, it did not address either voting procedure or the delineation of powers. These would all be ruled on by Gambino as issues arose, causing many problems as the group continued.

The first page of the Democratic Republic's original constitution

Council Elections

Gambino started holding elections for the council (the main governing body of the group), leading to Gambino, Jonathan222, quj, Virl, and WomenAreObjects holding the seats in the council. Virl subsequently resigned, leading to TheDark_Emperor receiving his seat, as TheDark_Emperor had received the next most votes in that election.

The Start of the Coup

The eligible electorate consisted of anyone who joined the DRo2b2t discord server. Joey_Coconut realized this would be easily abused, and pitched an idea to the leadership of the Astral Order. The idea was to have Astral Order members stuff the ballot box and put Joey_Coconut (then a mid-ranked member of Astral Order) in charge of the DRo2b2t, and shape it into a pro-Astral group. LordGalvatronMC and jay_monroe quickly backed the operation, seeing a chance at extending the Astral Order’s influence.

The Presidential Elections

On the 1st of September 2018, Joey_Coconut overwhelmingly won the presidential election with Astralian support. He found the council to be a mess, as responsibilities and specified powers were not delineated at all within the constitution of the group. Gambino made arbitrary decisions without consulting others in the leadership and kept ownership of the discord server, despite harsh criticism of both actions. A vote to transfer server ownership to the president failed despite many in the leadership becoming increasingly annoyed with Gambino’s actions. Plans for the foundation of bases were made and then not followed through upon. Meanwhile, Gambino used the server to advertise for his shop. Gambino created a new constitution following harsh criticism of the old one, and also in an attempt to stop Joey_Coconut's vote rigging. The constitution was just as heavily criticized, and did not stop the election rigging.

The entirety of second iteration of the Democratic Republic's constitution

Parliamentary Elections

Gambino instituted a third rank in the group, below the council, called parliament. While meant to function as the ‘lower house’ of a bicameral legislature, its functions were barely defined. The Astralian takeover continued, with most of the parliament members (jay_monroe, Joey_Coconut, LordGalvatronMC, Stadhouder) being members of the Astral Order.

The Coup

Following Gambino's commitment to an alliance with Unidad without consulting other members of the DRo2b2t leadership. A vote was called for his removal, which passed through the council. Following this, ownership of the server passed to Jonathan222, as Gambino worried that the President, Joey_Coconut would grief the server.

Anti-Gambino meme made to support his demotion from the council of the Democratic Repbulic of 2b2t

The End of the Democratic Republic

On the 14th of September, digandbuilder exposed the Astral takeover plot, causing minimal fallout beyond the Astral Order server itself. All the councillors besides WAO all either left or were removed, they were replaced by Stadhouder, Zel0sGaming, LordGalvatronMC, and iMems. Jonathan222 left the server, and passed ownership to WAO. On the 14th of September, WAO griefed the server and doxxed Gambino. Meager attempts at gaining ownership of the server and fixing it were made on the part of Joey_Coconut, although these went nowhere, with the project largely ignored as a result of the 7th Incursion taking place at the time. WAO deleted the server on the 20th of October, 2018, ending the project.