Dectonic is a base hunter, collector and is a member of the Spawnmasons

"Dectonic Exploit on top!"
JoinedLate 2016
BasesValley of Crafting Tables, Adamantium, Chunk Haven, Rat House, Sky Masons
TypeBase Hunter, Collector
Alternative AccountsMein_Kampf, ukuleles, DectonicExploit
PastFollowers of the Crafting Table,Visionary, Emperium, BSB, Highland, and the Peacekeepers


Early History

Dectonic joined 2b2t in late 2016. He joined Visionary soon after starting on 2b2t, then left after 1bitjay took over. He then insided BSB for Highland, finally joining Emperium in 2019. While in Emperium, he befriended ufocrossing. This led directly to the foundation of the Respect Club. He also assisted in providing region world downloads to the Archive server. He became involved in the original Obsidian roof project in late 2019 and early 2020.


Dectonic was one of the main players associated with the Spawnmasons that was given coordinates derived from Nocom to check their respective values in terms of the re-appropriation of building materials for the group. To assist his efforts (which included well over 500 different sets of coordinates), he founded Team Cat. He also created the myth of the Dectonic exploit in order to throw players off the trail from discovering Nocom. This was used as the explanation for many bases and stashes, most notably Avalonia. Throughout his travels, he collected tamed mobs, numbering over 500 throughout the map at various locations and stashes. As a result of all these activities, as well with his friendships with various members, he became a Spawnmason in May 2021. Upon its leak, he was also invited to help grief Block Game Jerusalem.