Deathstar784 is a builder who joined in 2020.

JoinedOctober 2020
BasesCum Zone II, Spawnfuer 4, Donfuer 20, DonFuer 22, DonFuer 23, DonFuer 25
PastCrimson Star, Fate

Early History

Deathstar784 joined 2b2t in October 2020 because of his friend Iamzeiss. For a long time, his goal to not die in-game. The first base that Deathstar built at was Cum Zone II.


Deathstar joined DonFuer along with IAmZeiss and would rank up quickly. After building at various low-ranking bases he was invited to DonFuer 20 but wouldn't contribute much there. He would come to Donfuer 22 and build the Japanese area of the base. Following DonFuer 22, Deathstar went inactive for about a year during Donfuer 23. After his hiatus he would come to DonFuer 25 and contribute greatly to the base, adding things like the Baseball Stadium, DonCorp, Up House, Chillis, and other smaller builds. In December 2022 he was promoted to Noble in DonFuer.

Deathstar continues to be a semi-active member of Donfuer.