Death-msg kick exploit

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The death-msg exploit was the first significant kick-exploit developed and used on the server in 2017.


The exploit was discovered in late 2017 by the player 123fly123, when he developed a mod that could extend book titles and color them. He discovered the exploit when he killed one of his alternative accounts holding a shulker-box filled with the edited books. Since shulker-preview could be displayed in chat, killing people using the books generated chat messages that overloaded most player’s clients, kicking them from the server. Multiple players doing the exploit at once even led to the server shutting down. When players realized they could bypass the exploit by disabling chat, 123fly123 contacted Mojang about the exploit, after which it was patched in future versions. Since 2b2t stayed on 1.12.2, the admin had to disable death-messages for a few months to keep the server running, until Spigot eventually fixed it.[1][2]